What You Need In A BBQ

What You Need In A BBQ – The Complete 11 Step Checklist for Success

What You Need In A BBQ

It cannot be denied that barbeque is one of the most favorite foods of the people for all times. It has a delicious and savory taste that is difficult to resist. Besides, with its great taste, some people use it as their main product for their business. Do you want to make your own barbecue business? Then, you need to have a complete checklist for its success. About this, the following are what you need in a bbq.

Barbecue essentials

Find the perfect barbecue

1: Find the perfect barbecue

When it comes to bbq, you need to find the perfect and fresh meat to produce the best tasting barbecue in your place. You must also consider how many people you are cooking for. Thus, it will help you determine the size of your gas or charcoal.

To give you some trivia, gas BBQ is easier to light, clean and use compared to charcoal. However, charcoal BBQs can cost less and makes flavorful and smoky bbq taste. With charcoal barbecue, it only takes up to 40 minutes in reaching the maximum cooking temperature, while gas is practically instant. To decide with your perfect barbecue, think about the size of your cooking area and the number of people that you will be cooking for.

2: Barbecue fuel

You must not forget your barbecue fuel. Thus, without it, you can never make a delicious and irresistible tasting barbecue. For a gas barbecue, you need a canister of patio gas that can be avail in 5kg and 13kg bottles. On the other hand, in charcoal barbeque, you need lighter fluid and charcoal. You can also keep a match or lighter. One of the best tips for a delicious and unique flavor is to add bbq wood chips in charcoal.

3: Chimney starter

It is necessary for those who prefer charcoal bbq. Chimney starter speeds up the time for a charcoal barbecue to reach optimal cooking temperature.

4: Barbecue cover

A cover for your barbecue is important so that it will not be exposed to the weather. It can keep your food fresh and delicious. For sure, you also want to maintain the hygienic and cleanliness of your food, so barbecue cover is a must.

5: BBQ accessories and utensils

To produce the best barbeque, you need to have the right tools. Long-handled utensils are important to keep your hands away from the hot grill. It can also protect you from burns while in the grilling process. You also need a long-handled spatula, fork, and tongs to move the food around the hot grill safely. Knives, various chopping boards, a marinade brush and an apron, are also what you need in a bbq. With an apron, you can maintain your clothes clean despite the hot and messy grilling process.

6: Meat thermometer

Cooking meat in a bbq is crucial to assure that it is completely cooked. Thus, it is easy to burn the outside and leaving the inside bbq uncooked. With the use of meat thermometer, you will know if the inside barbecue is cooked. The cooked chicken has an internal temperature of around 165˚ C, while the beef and pork is 145 ˚C. It can help you to avoid any illness for your guests or buyers so that you can maintain your good reputation with the quality of your barbecue.

7: BBQ grill brush

With a suitable grill brush, you can clean the BBQ grill and prolong its life. Even more important, you can also improve the taste and quality of your food the next time you cook. You can scrub the grates while they are warm to eliminate burnt food and residue.

You can use a brass bristled brush for porcelain or stainless steel grill to avoid scratch in the surface. A strong wire brush is what you need for a cast iron grill to have a vigorous and well clean.

8: Garden furniture

You can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable barbecue with garden furniture. It attracts guests and buyers to enjoy more of your bbq. You also need enough number of tables and chairs for your guests. When it comes to picnic, you need a picnic rug that will provide more fun for children who love the food. It is also necessary to have parasols, candles, tablecloths, and vases of the fresh flower to create a relaxing ambiance while enjoying the bbq.

When you set up your bbq, add some music. Position your bbq in a safe and tough spot for your music player to create background music for your guests and customers.

9: Outdoor heater

When you have a barbecue party in cold weather, you can depend on an outdoor heater. You must also confirm that your guests are always comfortable with the outdoor heater like a chimney. It helps you to keep partying all day and all night.

10: Outdoor lighting

When the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean that you end the fun with your bbq. With the help of outdoor lighting solutions, you can have a light on your barbecue party and make the most of the night.

11: Barbecue ingredients

Don’t forget the ingredients of your barbecue. It is essential for you to get prepared for your bbq party. You must have a pre-barbecue grocery shop to prepare your ingredients. Write down the shopping list of all the drinks, foods and condiments that you need in a bbq. Also, don’t forget the paper towels or napkins, tin foil, and other cleaning supplies.

You must have the sufficient amount of plates and glasses. Do you require disposable cups and paper plates? What are you going to serve? To help you with these, the following are some of the top barbecue ideas for your barbecue party.




Skewers alternatives




Including with that is





Ice tea

Wine and beer


Ice cream

Fruit salad

Barbecue party is one of the ideal ways to hang out with your family, friends and neighbors. Whether you are having a barbecue business or party, the tools mentioned above are what you need in a bbq. With these tools, you can successfully create a money-making machine with your barbecue business. Furthermore, if you are setting up for a barbecue business, these can help you generate a successful party.

More importantly, you can also show your skills and talents in cooking with a barbecue. Also, you must be aware of food safety to make the most of your barbecue.

Food safety essentials

People often eat outdoors, so you must be aware of food poisoning to avoid illness for you and your guests. Individuals with ill-wills can damage your good name by putting poison on the foods you serve. Sometimes, food poisoning is unavoidable, so you must properly prepare your food and focused on your barbecue cooking instead of showing up your culinary talents.

Undercooked meat is also one of the reasons for food poisoning, so make sure that your barbecue is fully cooked both on the inside and outside part. When you cook for a large number of people, you can cook it first in the oven and transfer it to the barbecue. It is the best way to make sure that your barbecue is completely cooked. With these ideas, you can now enjoy your barbecue.

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