Unique Easter Gifts – Make This Easter Extra Special

Unique Easter Gifts

Easter is no doubt one of the best holidays for showing our loved ones how we value them by giving them touching and unique gifts. Apart from other special celebrations and occasions, Easter is the period that you may desire to provide something sentimental and memorable to your beloved.

Personalized Easter Message Bunny

When we talk about Easter, apart from loving all stuff chocolatey, it cannot be denied that all of us have a soft touch for all stuff like cuddly and cute. For those people who are affectionate of fluffy and cuddly toys, you will find things such as Personalized Easter Message Bunnies.

Such overload of cuteness wears knitted jumpers that can be customized with any message. You will get your message sewn in a thread color of your own preference. Such adorable rabbit makes excellent option unique Easter gifts and they will last longer than a chocolate egg.

Gift Baskets

Compared to most general Easter gift baskets loaded with chocolate or eggs, you can obtain gift baskets in various themes. Such gift baskets can have a bit of everything from a conventional gift item to a modern gift such as keychain. Furthermore, you can pick what you wish to do, it is ideal to get unique Easter gifts basket and include the not-so Easter gifts individually.

Sweetie Jars

Keeping with the syrupy, sugary theme, what sweet-loving person would really refuse is a gigantic jar filled with all their preferred and all-time favorite sweets that include Liquorice Wheels, Fried Eggs, Drumstick Lollies, Love Hearts, Jelly Babies, Cola Bottles and a lot more? Indeed! They just wouldn’t refuse the temptation.

The good thing about this unique Easter gifts is that the label of such huge jars can be customized with the occasion, their name and a lot more!

Customized Chocolate Bars

If you’re the type of person who prefers to do the Easter chocolate stuff, then personalized chocolatey bars are the best option for you! Did you know that these are one-of-a-kind and unique Easter gifts, which features a chocolate bar that includes a name plus a thoughtful message covered in a stylish gift wrap? This makes the ideal Easter treat for those most eagle-eyed chocoholic.

Bunny Themed Gifts

In case you didn’t know yet, bunny-themed gifts are extremely sought after, and if your kids are ten years of age or younger, they will surely like such unique Easter gifts. For gifts for children who are older, you might try it and find the perfect gift they really like in an Easter theme.

Furthermore, it is always an excellent idea to ensure the gifts are somewhat associated with Easter, even if there’s only eggs or bunny on them. The whole point here is to make sure children connect them to Easter as gifts for Easter and not only typical gifts.

Eggs Cups

If you like to serve breakfast during the Easter morning, you can serve up boiled eggs or try the chocolate version in a customized egg cup. This unique Easter gift is a perfect way to offer a gift, which is Easter-related devoid of falling into the typical cliché of purchasing chocolates.

Wine and Spirits Gift Packs

Who said that you need to greet someone a “Happy Easter” with chocolates in both hands? For those people who love a tipple, why not say it with a wine as an alternative? Such gifts are ideal for treating your loved one in a classy style and there are oodles up for some grabs.

Presented in a beautiful silk-lined gift box, you can receive packs that include a bottle of their all-time favorite tipple together with an engraved glass, mouth-watering chocolates, a red velvet flower or an original newspaper. You can easily customize the label of the wine bottle along with any name with a caring message. Unique Easter gift ideas such these are perfect for people who have a taste for finer stuff in life.

Budget Unique Easter Gifts

If you are considering to keep costs this coming Easter season, why not plump for a bit homemade? Encouraging your children to create their own Easter cards for grandparents, uncles and aunts not just aids them to stick to a budget, but it also keeps them interested for hours and will be cherished by relatives.

Homemade gifts are probably a unique way to show your care and love for the whole family. Some of those unique Easter gifts, which you can create include printable Easter cards, Easter eggs dye, Easter delicacies, Paper Easter basket and a lot more!

While we are on the topic of making stuff, Easter is an ideal way to delight in a spot of baking together with your kids. Even very young kids can assist you to create chocolate cornflake nests, while some kids can try their own shortbread or gingerbread biscuits in a shape of rabbits or chicks. For something more traditional, you can also encourage them to bake Simnel cake or hot cross buns.

Apart from that, if you have some extra eggs after all the baking, you can make your own decorative Easter egg. It can be either a raw egg with a pin or a hard-boiled egg using a straw. It might take a bit of practice and care but it’s not possible to do. If you are quite creative, your decorated eggs can make unique Easter gifts. Therefore, no matter what you plan this coming Easter, make sure not to overdo it all.

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  1. Very good article about Easter. Easter is not considered a holiday like Memorial Day or the 4th of July but it is a good idea to give colored eggs, chocolate or stuffed animals to a special one.

    • Hi Roger. Well, Those ideas are for those who want to make easter more memorable and the day that’s in it to make it special. so it all depends whoever wants to celebrate it. anyway. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I love chocolates, candies and eggs, what else can you ask for during this time of the year, right?

    The personalized Easter Message Bunnies are so cute and of course good food, a glass of wine and great company will make it even better. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. You have got me moving. My oldest son lives in a different state and I always try to send something for different holidays, just to let him know I am thinking about him. I love the baskets. I am going to pick one out I think he will like. I know it will get there late, but he will understand as invariably I think of this at last minute, LOL

    • Hi leahrae. That is so adorable and beautiful knowingly sending a gift to him will remind you. yes, the baskets are cool so I hope he receives it soon.

  4. Thanks for all these ideas my mate.

    My children absolutely love chocolate bars so I think the customized chocolate bars will be a great gift for them, plus the bunny themed gifts will make the perfect choice for my partner. I may be a little late but it’s better late than never in my eyes. All of them have reasonable prices too so that’s a massive plus. Cheers and have a great Easter!

    • Thanks Brandon, Just happy that you found something that I highlighted, Cheers for the kind words and wish you many happy returns this easter to you and the family

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