Top Rated Karaoke Machines for Kids – Top Buys On Amazon

Top Rated Karaoke Machines for Kids

Karaoke machine for kids are ideal for keeping kids entertained. In case you want to divert the attention of your kids while you are doing something, give them a toy which does not involve them being totally occupied by a screen or look for an activity to do with friends, the karaoke machine will surely meet your needs.  Karaoke machine differs in capabilities and size. The huge selection of these entertaining machines available makes sure that you could find one suitable to your kid’s preferences. This type of activity could build confidence in your kids and assist them to grow as individuals. Here are some of the top rated karaoke machines for kids available at Amazon store.

Singing Machine Karaoke System Home ISM398BT

Singing Machine Karaoke System Home ISM398BT

The ISM398BT home karaoke machine for kids by Singing Machine is one of the best singing machines to have for your kids. It has all the amazing features that make singing a fun, entertaining thing to do for your kids. With its features including Bluetooth audio streaming that lets you use it together with your tablet, Android or iPhones, it certainly is easy to use.

Controlling the sounds is also quite easy with its balance and echo controls. Together with the karaoke are two microphone jacks that have with it’s a volume control. You can use it with your digital audio player using the audio input jack included. Singing Machine ISM398BT has built-in powerful speakers so you don’t need a separate one when playing or streaming your favorite karaoke songs. Kids will love it and so will you.

This brand of karaoke machine for kid comes with state of the art features. Also, it has the capability to stream sound of music from any devices such as a tablet, laptop, phone through Bluetooth. This only means that you could have many songs on your singing machine. What makes this feature apart from the rest is that you can choose songs which best your kids’ preferences. As a result, this is extremely customizable, making it ideal for all. It comes with balance and echoes controls to easily adjust the sound of the music. It also equipped with two mic ports, allowing two kids to sing together. It only weights 4.lbs, making it simple and stress free to transport.

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AKAI Bluetooth CD&G Karaoke System

AKAI Bluetooth CD&G Karaoke System

This karaoke machine for a kid is considered one of the best. It has cradle wherein you can put your phone once you utilize it to stream music onto the device. It also comes with a Bluetooth option that allows users to sync the mic, tablet as well as a computer with the device and stream any song.  AKAI Bluetooth has two mic jacks and output jack that you can utilize to connect the karaoke to your TV. Another state of the art features takes account of balance and echo controls and auto voice control. Also, there are lightning effects when utilizing this karaoke machine that adds to the fun of your children. It also comes with AC Adaptor that is needed when utilizing this device. AKAI only weight 4.5 lbs that assists make it really portable.

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Memorex SingStand 3

Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System with Bluetooth and Two Microphones

This karaoke machine for kid is intended to look like a mic stand. It’s tough and could safely hold smart device of any kind. It has mic jack so two kids can sing together. At the base of this machine is an extremely powerful speaker that improved the quality of sound. It also comes with state of the voice controls that you can utilize to personalize your kids singing experience. It has Bluetooth capabilities and you can personalize your device and choose which features you like to include once you order this machine. It also comes with a cradle that has a strap to hold phone safely and securely.

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VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System

VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Microphone and Mic Stand - Online Exclusive

The VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System is an Award Winning Musical Toy. In France, it received the award of Toy of the Year 2016 while in the UK it was elected as Xmas Present Guide 2016. This karaoke system allows your kids to sing along to their favorite tunes through a 3.5mm mp3 or iPod jack. Besides singing tunes, it has added features like the ability to record for up to 5 minutes. Additional features include adding various sound effects and removing the song’s main vocal track.

You can do that using the VTech’s Music Magic feature. The karaoke machine includes a built-in disco light in a variety of colors and styles. The disco light also has tongue twisters and rhythmic games that make even more fun. Together with the karaoke machine are accessories such as a microphone and another with stand. You also have in the package a 3.5mm jack cable for audio and three adjustable poles. VTech karaoke machine is the perfect gift for kids ranging from 4-9 years old.

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Singing Machine Karaoke Player SML-283P

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

From one of the biggest and most trusted brands of kids’ toys, the SML-283P Karaoke Player is easy to use and carry around. This Singing Machine karaoke machine is quite versatile and completely portable. It is loaded with CDG Player together with disco light effects that kids are sure to enjoy.  It features a 2 digit LED Display with all important controls for easy tuning of your music. It has Auto Voice, Balance and Echo control to tune the music so your kid can have a wonderful singing session.

Your kid can bring the party wherever he or she goes with this karaoke machine with a microphone. As it is light and portable, you can take it together with you to plug and play anytime. It’s the perfect karaoke machine for kids to have a bright, entertaining and fun party. With built-in speakers, this Singing Machine karaoke player has everything you need to put on a show for your kid and his or her friends.

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Kids Karaoke Machine by Little Pretender

Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones & Adjustable Stand, Music Sing Along with Flashing Stage Lights and Pedals for Fun Musical Effects

Little Pretender’s Kids Karaoke Machine is an easy to use entertainment machine for kids. It’s a built-in entertainment with all the features to put on a bright and adorably fun kid’s show. Your kids and their friends can sing along to their favorite tunes with the two microphones included with the package. Kids Karaoke comes with a handheld microphone and one with adjustable stand so kids can sing in however they want. The stand measures from 18.5” to 40” at full height, just high enough for young kids.

The karaoke machine also comes with an optional speaker handle to carry the speaker. Even better, it comes with easy assembly for setup and storage that’s quicker than you ever expect. Together with the karaoke machine is an AUX cable so you can easily connect it to any devices. With an on/off knob, volume control, and flashing lights, Kids Karaoke Machine is easily the best built-in entertainment machine. You can enjoy singing right out of the box thanks to the 4 AA batteries together with it.

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Karaoke USA Karaoke System with Color Screen, Bluetooth, Record and LED Sync Lights

Karaoke GF842 DVD.CDG.MP3G Karaoke System with 7 TFT Color Screen, Record, Bluetooth and LED Sync Lights


This Karaoke System by Karaoke USA is one known for its peak features. From the color screen to the LED sync lights, it is a beautiful and amazing karaoke machine. Its digital color screen is 7 inches TFT with LED lightings that can flash and synchronize with the rhythm of the music. It has 35W peak power with its digital amplifier, making it a powerful karaoke system for kids.

Besides the color screen and sync lights, you will also love its added features. This Karaoke System comes with Music Mix, Record Voice and Instant Playback, features for easy playing. Together with the machine is a universal cradle. This one is perfect for personal devices like mp3 players, tablets, smartphones and more. You’d also enjoy the bonus 300 songs included on the disc and 2 microphones with the karaoke machine.

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My First Karaoke Adjustable Mic and Speaker

My First Karaoke Adjustable Mic & Speaker Can Connect To Your Smartphones, Ipods, MP3 Players and CD Players

My First Karaoke is a karaoke set perfect for kid’s home use. It includes a speaker and a mic, the latter adjustable to a maximum height of 42”. You can adjust the stand the ordinary way but even as a star-shaped microphone, which makes it interesting and fun. The package includes an audio jack from the speaker that you can connect to your smartphone or CD/MP3 player.

Once connected, it will be easy for you to customize your content for an awesome singing and rock out session. This kids’ karaoke has an amazing speaker with features you would love. It has an on/off switch, flashing light bar, volume control switch, and handlebar. These features would make the use of this karaoke machine easy for you and your kids. The karaoke runs on 3 AA batteries and includes an instruction manual for easy setup. Lightweight and durable, it is perfect for your young superstar.

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Kids Double Karaoke Mic with Disco Lights

Kids Double Karaoke Mic with Music Singalong and Disco Lights, Connects to Ipods, Smartphones & MP3 Players

A double mic karaoke, it also includes a speaker base, adjustable mic stand, and twin mics. If you have a young superstar, Kids Double Karaoke is one of the best choices. It enjoys top rates on Amazon with consumers praising its assembly of features as well as lightweight and durable build. It rises up the entertainment in your home with music making it more fun.

This is thanks to the added color lights flashing simultaneously while your kid is singing. Your kids dreaming to be a pop star or rock can have a nice start with this duet mic set to use for practice. The machine includes an Aux cable to stream your music. It allows you to connect with your iPhone, iPad and other devices. You can even use it with your own regular microphone. It runs on 3 AA batteries but is not included in the package.

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Kids Karaoke Singing Machine with Built-In Bluetooth

Portable Microphone Wireless Karaoke Singing Machine with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker with SD card loaded with Songs by ZaxSound

The Kids Karaoke Singing Machine is a kid’s karaoke toy machine available in the adorable prince and princess design. It comes with Bluetooth wireless microphone with features such as Volume and Echo function. It is also rechargeable that allows you to use it for a few hours of singing. In addition to the Bluetooth mic, it also has a bright and colorful flashlight speaker. It includes 6 changeable colors for a wonderful singing session.

This easily makes it one of the best gifts you can give your kids. It’s a great gift not just for kid’s entertainment. At the same time, you can use it to help your kids learn the language and tell stories. Your kids will have fun with their friends singing songs during a birthday party, family gathering, family karaoke or Home KTV with this adorably designed kid’s karaoke machine.

The use of the machine is easy, which allows kids to sing then share their performance on any music app. You can do that by connecting the mic to your device or a handheld Bluetooth speaker through a Bluetooth connection. Completely portable, lightweight and handheld, you can even hold it then sing without ever worrying.

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Microphone for Kids with Bluetooth Speaker

Karaoke Microphone Wireless with Bluetooth Speaker

This one is not your usual karaoke set. However, it is enough to provide your kid an amazing singing session. It takes pride of the best microphone, which is not only handheld and Bluetooth. It also takes pride of the mic’s stereo quality sound music. This can make your party a lot more fun when your kid’s beautiful-sounding voice in all your party activities.

If your kid’s off to a birthday party, you can make them experience a more fun time with their friend and the neighborhood with this portable microphone. Easily portable thanks to its lightweight, your kid can have it for singing and music playing anytime. The best thing is you can connect it to any electronic devices.  Its wireless microphone can support both Android and iOS systems. At the same time, it can support Smartphone PC, Samsung, and Apple, iPad iMac, iPhone and even K song software.

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BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, Easter Gift 3-in-1 Portable Hand Speaker for iPhone/Android/iPad/Sony,PC and All Smartphone(Rose Gold)

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke mic has a quite a particular design. It has a dull polished handle for the portable microphone that makes it easy to hold. It does not even leave any fingerprint when you hold it. The microphone also boasts of a high-quality built-in Bluetooth module that you can use as a player, speaker or recorder. It’s also compatible with any singing app if you like to share your kid’s singing performance.

This BONAOK microphone comes with two ways of connection. You can connect it either by cable or through Bluetooth. All you need is to connect your phone through either of them, open the singing app and you’re good to go. The audio is vividly clear making singing an enjoyable and fun activity for your kids. This microphone is particularly great for singing during gatherings, KTV singing, car stereo, travel and more. If you like to store songs for your kids, BONAOK also has high compatibility with micro SDs and different devices like Android, iOS, iPad and more. Its Bluetooth connection works well for distances of up to 10m.

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Kids Karaoke Singing Machine by COMVOX

Kids Karaoke Microphone Wireless Singing Machine Bluetooth Cool Christmas Speaker with Princess Design, Creative Electronics Toys Birthday Gifts for Sister Girls Teenagers Ideal for Disney Songs

Kids Karaoke Singing Machine is brought to you by COMVOX. It’s one of Amazon’s most popular singing gadgets for kids to practice singing. While not a karaoke machine per se, it has all the features you look for in a quality kid’s karaoke machine.  It features Echo Effect that makes teaching kids how to sing even more fun.

You can use it not just for kid’s parties but also outdoor camping and outdoor gatherings. COMVOX karaoke singing machine is portable in handheld size with built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can connect it to your Apple iPhone, Android phones, iPad, and tablets. It is compatible with any singing app and even used with your PC or SD card. It has a decent sound when played. It also displays dancing colors when you play the music. These features make it a popular karaoke microphone.

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  1. Cool stuff. I have seen kids around the age of 4 & 5 who really get into being a little entertainer. These items can really help peak their interest in performing literally leading them on a path to become a singer/performer.

    • Hi Ronnie. That’s the whole ideas when kids have dreams and aspirations then they can sing along to their favorite tracks to one day they will fulfill their dreams as a singer and performer

  2. Wow! SO many options! I wish these had been available when I was a kid! The Bluetooth is my pick for my grandkids this Xmas! I appreciate the review of all the choices!

  3. LOVE these karaoke machines! I can remember singing with the Karaoke USA System with friends all the time when I was younger. It was the best! I also liked how you included a wide variety of choices for children of all ages.

    • Hi Sarah, Nice of you to leave a comment about my article on the wide variety of the kid’s karaoke machines, delighted you found this helpful and brought back some fond memories, Thanks for your comment 🙂

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