Things To Do On Mother’s Day – Make Her Day A Special One

Things To Do On Mother’s Day

Most of us prefer to do the same thing for our moms – to make a wonderful day needs a bit of imagination and planning. Keep in mind, Mother’s Day does not mean spending a lot of cash on your mother; this is all about spending quality time with her. Therefore, if your mom wants to stay in, get pampered, venture out or just relax, you will find lots of activities and things to do on Mother’s day that both of you will surely enjoy.

Here are some cool Ideas to get the ball rolling.

Make Dinner or go out for Dinner

Give your mother one less thing to worry about organizing what she’s having for dinner. You can treat her to a great meal out or save some cash and cook her a delicious thoughtful dish as an alternative. If your mother loves to cook, you can join her in creating a mouth-watering meal like chipotle chicken fajitas. Furthermore, if you really like to treat her, have her stay out of your home’s kitchen and treat her to a special homemade meal.

Get Pampered

Take your mother to a relaxing spa day. At some point on this special occasion, you may wish some time alone or an opportunity for a little relaxation or rest. Make certain that you get what you need – and deserve – by asking for it beforehand.

For example, several days before the Mother’s Day, give your mom a list of 5 different services you think she may like. The list includes:

  • A manicure/pedicure at her favorite salon
  • An opportunity to sleep until 10 am
  • An hour alone so she can soak in the tub
  • A dinner outside
  • Whatever else she’d really love

Plant Flowers

If you have an extra area in your garden, you can make an authentic and live Mother’s Day canvas. All you need to do is to purchase different packets of flower seeds on your local flower shop, which grow fast and well in your area.

You can draw a picture or write a brief message such as “WE LOVE YOU MOM,” in the garden dirt using a stick. Then, drop the flower seeds into these dirt lines and cover them up. Make sure to water them on a regular basis. Before long, your message will be blooming and you will have a lovely Mother’s Day gift, which keeps on growing.

If your mom is a dedicated flower gardener, you can bring her out to a nursery near you. Spend the whole day planting, plotting and pruning floral beauties in the garden. However, if you are not a green thumb, you can bone up with tips on all things about flower gardening like how to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, pollinating bees and more winged guests to your garden.

Visit a Winery Farm

If your mother enjoys a glass of Merlot each night, then consider organizing a visit to your nearest winery farm for a day of sipping some delicious wine. Impress her along with your wine savvy by organizing an at-home tasting of the best special occasion wines of the year.

Do a Picnic at the Park

Did you know that a trip to the park is affordable, fun and an excellent exercise? Keep your picnic menu simple with cheese sandwiches, fresh-cut veggies and fruits and some trail mix. On the other hand, for your drinks, you can always opt for juice pouches. Everybody could help with the food preparation and pack it all up. Further, don’t forget to pack a huge picnic blanket, Frisbees, and bubble bottles too.

Select a part that is only a short bike ride or walks from your house. Allow the whole family to run wild and your mom gets the first ride on the swing. Surely, everybody will be sleepy and good by the time you go back home and mom will like that!

Go to a Movie Night

This activity to do on Mother’s Day might be a normal tradition in your household; however, for Mother’s Day, it makes it quite special for your mother by allowing her to choose the movie. You can fill the floor and the sofa with pillows, stuffed animals or cozy blankets. As an alternative to standard popcorn, you can whip up a flavored popcorn to munch on while her favorite movie plays.

Create Fruit Flowers

Another amazing thing to do on Mother’s Day inside the kitchen is to cut up fruit in unique ways and utilizing bamboo skewers to create flower arrangements everybody can eat. This is definitely a sweet treat that is not just fun but healthy too!

To do this, you can put out your favorite fruits and cut tools and allow your creativity to take over. There are no wrong ways to perform this. For a strong base to “plant the flowers,” you can slice a melon in half and scoop out all the seeds. Get rid of the skin and put flat-side-down in a glass container. You can make use of the remaining melon to create fruit flowers.

Fill around your melon base with some melon balls until it is totally covered. Such fruits make amazing flower shapes and are so simple to cut with cheese and fruit cutters.

  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon

Once the skewer flowers are done, organize them by sticking one end of the skewer to the melon base.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Take your mother on a scavenger hunt, which led her to all her favorite spots or places. This can consist of an area in the park where she does her morning run, a café for lunch, coffee shop or even under her pillow. At every place, she receives a new drawing, letter or note from a different member of the family expressing her how much they cherish and love her so that she gathers those moments and notes within the day.

The children get to be involved in creating something for mum and getting to surprise her with these sweet notes. Also, the whole family member gets to go on a great adventure as well!

Schedule Time for Hugs and Kisses

What would a Mother’s Day be like devoid of hugs and kisses around? One great way to work them into your day is by establishing a trivial “hugs and kisses” schedule and posting it on the fridge or to any visible spot.


The good thing about this activity to do on Mother’s Day is that you can make up your own directions and funny things to do. However, just be certain you include lots of laughter, hugs, and kisses throughout your day.

Outdoor Activity

For Mother’s Day, your mom cherishes being able to do stuff all together as a family. Their kids love being active of course. Therefore, whether it is bringing a whiffle ball or bat to the yard for some improvised baseball or just getting the mats to perform some yoga poses, doing it together makes the memorable Mother’s Day memories!

Breakfast in Bed

For a lot of moms out there, Mother’s Day starts with cuddling in bed with their children, a decadent breakfast cooked by their husbands and is followed by a fun activity they will all enjoy. The only key here is finding something where you mom gets to say yes more the children that she has to say no.

To sum up, the things to do on Mother’s Day don’t have to be fancy restaurant brunches or extravagant outings. In fact, the ideal gift the family can offer to Mom for this special occasion is a quality time with the family. The day must be a stress-free as possible for your mother.

With these simple yet cool activities, which are guaranteed to invite lots of happiness and joy into your home, Mother’s Day will surely be an unforgettable day for your mom. So what are you waiting for? Plan your mother’s Day activity ahead of time so you and the whole family can prepare for the best Mother’s Day experience ever!

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