Things to Do on Father’s Day – How to Make His Day a Fun One

Things to Do on Father’s Day

There are a lot of things that you can do on Father’s Day. For instance, you can choose an activity or event that your dad wants to do. Pay for everything in advance and bring your dad to the venue. However, you should only proceed with the plan if you know that it’s something your dad will definitely want to do. For instance, if your dad doesn’t like noisy environments, there will be no point in bringing him to an amusement park because he won’t enjoy it. Here are some of the best things that you can do on Father’s Day.

Beer Tasting

You can take your dad to a local wine or beer tasting event. If there are some wines that you liked, you can buy a few bottles and store them at home.


Playing paintball is a great way to unleash your inner warrior.



Take your dad to an 18-hole golf course. You can hire an instructor to teach you some techniques and get some tips to improve your game. Beginners can try miniature golf.

Have a Picnic

You can have a picnic in the backyard. Allow your children to help with the food preparations. You can allow them to make sandwiches, place foods in the containers, choose desserts or fold napkins. This is a good way to spend some fun time with them.


A lot of bowling alleys offer Father’s Day specials such as discounts on food and bowling. You can have a competition among family members.

Create Something Together

You can build something together such as an outdoor flower box or birdhouse. If you want something more practical, you can build a small shelving unit for your kid to display special knick knacks.

Ball Game

You can attend a volleyball or baseball game with your dad. If a pro game is not possible, you can find a community basketball game or local minor league to participate in.

Outdoor Outing

You can visit a state park or forest preserve. Appreciate the surroundings and listen to the birds sing. Outdoor activities offer a great opportunity to improve your child’s language skills. You can also visit local farmer’s market, hike or go to the beach. Collect shells and compare the sizes, colors and shapes.

Watch a Movie

Bring out your dad’s favorite movies and have a movie night. Make sure to prepare some fun snacks, so you won’t get hungry or bored. You can then talk about the characters and story.



This is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids. Fishing poles for kids are reasonably-priced. Dads can teach their kids some fishing techniques.

Play Catch

Why don’t you play some classic backyard games with the kids like a catch? You can then follow it up with a family barbecue or picnic.


If your dad loves art, you can take him to a museum or art gallery. You could also get him some art supplies, so you can pursue his love for art.

Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride is not only fun but also good for his health. You can try a bike scavenger hunt to make things more interesting. If you want something more challenging, you can have a bike race with your dad.

Amusement Park

If you want your dad to try something, why don’t you take him to an amusement park? You can buy souvenirs and try exciting rides. Don’t forget to take photos as a remembrance.



Maybe your dad loves the outdoors. If that’s the case, you can find a local walking or hiking trail that the whole family can enjoy.  Read trail reviews to make sure that it is suitable for younger kids. After all, you want everyone to have fun and your dad won’t fully enjoy it if he has to carry the kids on his back.

Historic Sites

If your dad is a history veteran or enthusiast, you can visit a war memorial, history museum or other historic sites. These places will fulfill his wishes. Don’t forget to bring food like snacks as well as drinks, so you can have a picnic with the whole family.


You can turn your bonding moments into a meaningful opportunity by giving back to the community. There are various ways to do this such as making special deliveries. If you are a member of a local bike club that does charitable work, you can deliver items to their destination. You can also climb or hike for a higher cause. For example, you can join a group that works to keep the trail in shape for visitors. Some groups perform basic maintenance and contribute to various projects such as planting trees and building bridges.


Everyone needs to relax and get away from the stresses of life once in a while. Take this chance to enjoy a weekend getaway or day trip with the whole family. You can go on a scenic road trip or go to the beach. Surprise your dad with a ticket to the city or country he has always wanted to visit. You can make it a trip for two, so he can spend time with your mom.


Go Kart

Why don’t you let your dad experience a thrilling Go-Kart ride? Give him a helmet and watch him enjoy the whole experience. Look for a Go-Kart track near you and take him there.

How to Make Father’s Day More Special

Father’s Day is a special day for your dad. It’s traditionally a day where they receive carefully selected ties and enjoy breakfast in bed. There are so many things that you can do to make the event unique and more special for him. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

Thank Your Dad

Tell your dad how much you appreciate all the efforts he has done for the family. They want to be appreciated. You can give your dad a heartfelt thank-you note stating how important he is to the family. Your note can include what makes him a great father or partner and how much emotional and moral support he gives to the family. You can also make a large banner for him or create a short family video. Homemade gifts are a good option as well. You can make a homemade coat rack or organizer for your dad. The gifts will be unique as it can’t be found in local stores. There’s no need to spend a large amount of money on expensive gifts. Your love and gratitude are the best gifts you can give to your dad.

Spend Quality Time Together

Spending quality time together seems impossible when you have a lot of things to do. You may have a project to finish, food to cook or kids to take care of. Take this chance to focus on spending some quality time together as a family. If you must, leave the house and go to the park or anywhere you want. You can share stories, go for a walk or relax in the spa together.

Don’t Pressure Your Dad

Your dad wants to have a day that is free from any stress or pressure. He would appreciate no chores or no deadlines on this day.  Don’t pressure him to finish something quickly. Allow your dad to relax, so he can enjoy the day. Instead of arranging everything for him, you can give your dad the gift of choice and freedom. Allow him to choose what he wants to do and how he wants to spend the day. For instance, if he loves fishing, give him a fishing rod and let him fish. If he wants to watch a movie, let him choose what he wants to watch. If he loves basketball, accompany him to see his favorite team play.


Father’s Day is not only a day to celebrate fathers as caregivers and providers for the family. It is a special day to honor them as a parent. Tell your dad how much he means to you. If you want to make the day special for your spouse, tell him how important he is to you and how you appreciate his efforts for raising the kids. You can cook his favorite foods or surprise him with something sexy at night. Since you know his likes and interests, you already have an idea about the things that he would like.

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