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St Patrick’s Day Party Supplies

Is a St. Patrick’s Day Party in your plans? March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, is a time when everyone has a little Irish in them, and it is also a time for parties. If you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day party, for kids or adults, you need some supplies; decoration food, fun, and drink and music. These “go for the green” party tips will help you throw a party that everyone will enjoy.

The party theme is easy, the color is green, and the symbols are shamrocks, leprechauns, pots-o-gold, and rainbows. You can include these in everything from your invitations and decorations, to the food and drink. Especially the drink, “green beer” is almost a staple of any good St. Patrick’s Day party. (for kid’s it can be green Kool-Aid)

Having the right decorations makes it amazingly simple to set the stage for your party! For a St. Paddy’s day party you can go with a couple of different options. You can buy decorations and party supplies that are specific to the holiday. This would include banners and balloons, plates, napkins and cups and whatever else you need that says “St. Patrick’s Day” and/or includes images of leprechauns and shamrocks or whatever you associate with the holiday. Of if you want a more streamlined look, just be sure to decorate with the right colors. In this case, you’d go heavy on the green with touches of white and orange as these are the colors of the Irish flag.

Decorating Tips for Your St Patrick’s Day Party

If you know how to decorate for a St. Patrick’s Day party, then the actual decorating can be almost as much fun as the party itself. Shamrocks, Leprechauns, and Pots-O’-Gold are the typical St. Patrick’s Day decorations, but it is how you use them that will set the tone for your party. But if you are not sure just how you want your decorations to look, then these tips and ideas will get you started. With all the St. Patrick’s Day decorations and party supplies available online, your decorating choices are almost unlimited. And with just a little creativity, you can create a St. Patrick’s Day party that everyone will enjoy.

Your St. Patrick’s Day party decorations should start at your front door or the entrance to your party room. Everybody is a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and this is where you can start to ‘show your Irish’. Nothing says ‘party’ like balloons, so that is the place to start:


St Patrick's Day balloons

Using the traditional St. Patrick’s Day colors of green and white, (gold too), put a bouquet of 3 – 5 balloons at your party entrance. Or tie them to a porch railing or walkway lamp post.
Balloons can also be used as attention-getters, so you can use them on your snack or beverage tables to draw your guest’s attention to them. If you have a sit-down party table you can use a grouping of balloons as your table centerpiece.

Room corners and bare spots that don’t really fit for other decorating pieces can be filled with balloons too! For corners, just make a balloon bouquet anchored to a floor weight, with ribbons that let the balloons float at eye-level. Use the same technique for other bare spots in the room, just adjust the balloon height to match the space you want to fill.

Note: Small party-size helium tanks are available at most party supply stores, and stores with party supply departments.

Next, you should consider where you might use St. Patrick’s Day banners, flags, and streamers. Just like balloons, using a sign or banner at the entrance is a good way to announce the party.

Shamrock cut-outs can be used on your walls, individually, or as part of a group of cut-outs to create a collage’ of different St. Patrick’s Day themed items.

Large flat cut-outs can be used like placemats under service pieces on the party side-tables, or main table centerpiece.

Smaller cut-outs can be put on larger service pieces, (like ice bowls and beverage coolers), to add a touch of St. Patrick’s Day color.

Banners, Flags and Streamers

There are a lot of St, Patrick’s Day flags you can use outside your home to announce “your party spot”, they can also be used as wall-hanging decor’ at the party room entrance, or on the walls of the party room.

Banners can be used to ‘anchor’ a St. Patrick’s Day decorations grouping on a wall. Use them over or under a grouping of decorations cut-outs of shamrocks or other St. Patrick’s Day themed items.

Streamers can be used as ‘swags’ on a wall or across the header of an entrance, around the edges of a snack or beverage table, or even from corner to corner of a wall in the room. garland-type streamers can even be used on your tabletops. Weave them around large items on the table, or down the center-line of a sit-down table.

Shamrock, Leprechaun, and Pot-O’-Gold flat cut-outs are a standard part of almost all St. Patrick’s Day decorations and party supplies packages. You can use these to accent a party theme, or to create groupings of decoration pieces.

FoodSt. Patrick's Day Food

There are few things that put people in a festive mood more than food and alcohol. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that seems to be made for drinking! You can easily customize your beverages by using green food coloring to light-colored beers to tint them green. For non-beer drinkers make green apple vodka martinis. You may also want to include traditional Irish meals such as corned beef and cabbage or a hearty stew. If those foods just aren’t your style – just go with party favorites that are already green such as guacamole, green salsa, and spinach dip. And for the end of the night don’t forget Irish coffees – coffee with whiskey and whipped cream!

For the “meat” of the party, the food, (yes, pun intended), you can’t go wrong with the traditional choices. For dinner, you can use corned beef and cabbage, Irish Lamb Stew, or even Sheppard’s Pie, and for a luncheon party, you can get creative with green food coloring, like green cottage cheese or yogurt. Or add green food coloring to pizza cheese and serve a green pizza. For party snacks it’s a little harder to go with the “green” theme, you will probably have better luck with shapes, like a shamrock or pot-o-gold-shaped cookies or finger sandwiches. A party snack tip that isn’t as crazy as it sounds, when you see your guests grabbing it by the handful, is just a snack bowl of dry Lucky Charms cereal. It has the theme and will be more popular than you would imagine.

A St. Patrick’s Day party just isn’t complete without a great party punch to serve your visitors. You have made sure all your St. Patrick’s Day decorations and party supplies are ready. You are all set with a great selection of snacks and hours d’ oeuvres, and of course the green beer. But now you need just-the-right St. Patrick’s Day punch to add that final Irish touch. These two party punch recipes will get rave reviews from your guests, you just have to decide which one to use. (Or maybe both)

The preparation of these punches can be as simple as mixing them 20 minutes before your guests arrive, to the rainbow punch which requires some ahead-of-time prep. So be sure to consider this when choosing the right punch for your party.

Note: Although none of these recipes call for an ice block, it would be a nice “extra touch” to have 1 or 2 theme shaped ice blocks floating in the punch bowl. You can easily find aluminum foil shamrock-shaped cupcake molds at your local grocery or party supply store. Fill them with water, then add a few drops of green food coloring, pop them in your freezer, and voila’ you will have green shamrock ice blocks.

Pot-o-Gold Rainbow Party Punch

St. Patrick’s Day Party PunchPrep time: 4 hours before the party for rainbows, 15 minutes just before guests arrive to mix all ingredients.
Serves approximately 24 guests (50 – 4oz. cups)
3 ea. – 2-liter bottles of 7-Up
2 ea. – 12oz. cans frozen lemonade concentrate
2 ea. – Qts. Rainbow sherbet

Put both cans concentrate and I qt. sherbet in the refrigerator instead of the freezer so they will be thawed/softened when you are ready to use them

Traditional St. Paddy’s Day Party Punch

Prep time: easy – just 15 minutes, anytime before your guests arrive
Serves approximately 24 guests (50 – 4oz. cups)
2 ea. – 2-liter bottles of any lemon-lime flavor soda
2 ea. – 12oz. cans froze lemonade concentrate*
2 ea. – 12 oz. cans froze limeade concentrate*
2 ea. – Qts. Lime Sherbet*

Put these items in the refrigerator instead of the freezer so they will be thawed/softened when you are ready to use them. Pour all ingredients into a large pot and mix until thoroughly blended. Fill punch bowl approximately 1/3 full with crushed ice, then add blended punch and serve.
Floating Rainbow prep

Using a large, sharp, serrated knife, and one round quart container of rainbow sherbet, slice 4 slabs, about 1 ½” thick. Don’t bother taking sherbet out of the carton, slice through carton and all.
Lay each slab flat and cut in half so you end up with 2 half-moon pieces, Use a round cookie cutter or beverage glass to press out the center of each half-moon piece so you are left with rainbow shapes.
Remove the carton pieces now, wrap the rainbow-shaped pieces in clear wrap and put in the freezer so they can freeze solidly until you need them. Put any leftover sherbet in the refrigerator to thaw/soften for later use.

It is quite easy to make a party playlist of Irish music. You can include the traditional Irish drinking songs, fiddle music, and Celtic classics. Or you if prefer rock or modern music find the music of bands and singers who are from Ireland and you’ll have music all night long.

As you can see it just does not take a lot of effort to put together a fun and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day party! In fact, it’s easy to take your standard, everyday party and give it that touch of Ireland with a hearty dose of green, and by keeping the beverages flowing and the music playing.

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