Dressy Daisy Girls’ Princess Belle Costumes Princess Dress Up

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  • Simple but elegant princess Belle style dress. Made of comfortable material. No itchy! And hand washable!
  • This gorgeous dress features with a pick up style skirt with detachable bow to place at your own desire.
  • The lining is comfortable cotton.
  • Concealed zip closure back.
  • She will look like and feel like a real princess in this dress. This dress is truly stunning. When your little princess walks, runs or dance, the dress moves beautifully.

Dressy Daisy Girls’ Princess Belle Costumes Princess Dress Up

It has already been twenty-five years ever since the animated classic Beauty and the Beast worked its way into our hearts. The Beauty and the Beast is a truly captivating especially after it has made a headline and modernized the story.With the modernized costume of Belle, it is an iconic yellow ball gown. This is highly appreciated and loved by almost anybody. The feeling of history is also still brought by the costume. The elements of the eighteenth century thing are also still added to it. The pockets of the costume are still an eighteenth century thing. The people usually do not wear them outside just like what Belle does. This way, the pockets will look so valuable and useful. The elements in the costume were really historical and were brought into such a twist.

Belle Costume is even one of the most difficult dresses to find online. It sells at a very expensive price but it is really a solid choice. It is beyond all other regular dresses. This is a quality gown and this can be a favorite of your princess. It is now regarded as one of the must-have costumes especially if you will go out on a Disney trip. It is also one of the most fantastic Disney costumes to find even though it has no huge-sized roses all over it.

Quite Different

The costume of Belle is quite different because to start with, Belle was a very active girl. She was more interested in inventing things and doing things in the village that is why she should not be doing things inside the village. She should not also have delicate shoes.

Instead, strong shoes have been introduced to her for her to do all things just like with boys who wear boots. She also has a skirt which she usually hikes up into her waist. She also wears some bloomers below. These exactly look like her trousers. Nevertheless, she does not wear trousers since she is a girl in the eighteenth century.

More Modern Blouse, Bodice and Smaller Elements

The blouse, the bodice and the elements are a small bit but are more modern. If you will look at the costume, it does not have any period. It is not also 18th century or Victorian. It is a pure bodice and blue skirt. The texture and pattern have also been added. Two skirts have also been made and have been made more historical. Some specific elements have been added which have actually been taken from history that help enriches the image.

Magical and Whimsical

The Belle Costume and Beauty and the Beast Costume create that magical and whimsical feeling. Both will make you feel captivated by the story and you will fall in love as well.

Symbolizes Stalwart Bravery and Simple Beauty

With Belle Costume, it gives a wearer such loveliness and a great dignity. Costumes that have been designed after Belle’s dresses are simple-looking. But, they are still gorgeous and quite versatile. Belle as a character is in contrast to Beast, but the latter still falls in love with her. This is also even with the harsh treatment he has towards here. Belle is very conscientious with her choices of clothes from simple and not-too-formal dresses to pleasant girl attire to a glitzy ball grown on a ball night.

Does Not Need Much Sophistication

Belle Costume does not need much sophistication. The peasant girl garb utilizes a color scheme involved in the dress; white and blue. Belle’s blue dress is also covered with a tailored and big white apron. Dark brown shoes are also usually worn. This costume is also completed with a basket of bread, vegetables and fruits.

Belle’s Golden Gown Costume is a Pleasing Contrast to the Royal and Formal Look of Beast

Belle’s Golden Gown Costume is such a pleasing contrast to the royal and formal look of the beast. And, the gown is shining. If you or your kid would want to become Belle, you could just choose to wear this costume for a costume event. This may somehow a bit too glittery and formal for some specific costume events.

Beast’s Costume Started as a Beast to Being an Aristocratic Gentleman

One of the impressive things about the Beast’s Costume is that it started out as a beast to be an aristocratic gentleman. The cape in the costume consists of pieces of fabric than that of the bits. The Beast’s Costume is tight and snug closely around the chest and the waist. The jacket also fits well in the shoulders of a wearer. The buttons and the coat material are also great and the emblem on the scarf looks so fantastic.

If ever you buy this costume, it feels like you are paying for the Disney hood and the name. This one is impressive and this fits well and this looks so cool. This is something to rave about and this is all worth it of the money spent on it.

Actually, checking any of the Beauty and the Beast and Bell Costume is all worth it. This is all very good and this is what you will need to complete the motif of any party, Beauty and the Beast. And if you or your guy would want to be a perfect beauty and the beast, it will just be ideal for you to try on wearing the beauty and the beast and bell costume.

The Beauty and the Beast and Bell Costume are all a great costume. For sure, if anyone of you will try it, you will really look great. There’s nothing to worry as well as they make a decent and pretty costume that anyone would also fantasize the most.

They can be most inspired by the golden shimmer brought by a Belle dress and the distinct beauty of Beauty and the Beast Costume! Try on any of the Beauty and the Beast and Bell Costumes out there for your ultimate happiness!



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