California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja

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$28.99 $18.75

  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash
  • Includes warrior jumpsuit with attached hood and ties, belt with foam stars, and face mask
California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja
California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja

$28.99 $18.75


Halloween is just around the corner and that means trick or treat. In that case, you are probably out looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your little boy, are you? Kids have a lot of imagination and if you can find the right Halloween costume, they are sure to get a lot of play out this year.

However, with possibly hundreds of options, it is quite hard to find the right kid’s costume. One way to do that is to read many reviews to get an idea of what the trend is today. In addition, it would be best to get a costume that works perfectly with boys who love to run, go and do things.

On that note, one of the most popular kid’s costume today is the stealth ninja. To help you determine if this is the costume for your kid, this stealth ninja costume review strives to give you as much information as you need. Read on and find out if the stealth ninja costume is what your little boy would certainly like.

Stealth Ninja Costume by California Costumes

With an average of 4.5-star rating out of 797 costume reviews in Amazon, the California Costumes Stealth Ninja costume is one of the most popular costumes for Halloween and kid’s parties. For those kids who love to dress up like a ninja warrior, this costume is quite a lot of fun. Made of 100% polyester, this Stealth Ninja costume is comfortable to wear for kids.

Dark and lined with red, a kid to wear this stealth ninja costume will don a costume a lot like your favorite Japanese character. California Costumes Stealth Ninja consists of a warrior jumpsuit with an attached hood and ties. It also includes a belt adorned with foam stars complete with a facemask for the perfect ninja costume.

Its dark color allows your aspiring ninja to blend in the dark quite easily so if you get them this ninja costume, you are advised to keep a close eye on your little ninja this upcoming Halloween as he might develop the tendency to mysteriously disappear out of your sight. From the shadows, the ferocious little guy will come out to be a stealth master with this stealth ninja costume.

Stealth Ninja Costume Review – The Features

The Stealth Ninja costumes include simple features designed to make your kid’s ninja experience as fun and authentic as possible. The features are:

100% polyester – The costume is made of 100% polyester, a knit fabric interlocked with each other and is completely comfortable for your kid.

Long-sleeve hooded black jumpsuit ­– For the main costume, it comes with a long-sleeved jumpsuit in black and hooded that easily fastens with a Velcro located at the center back.

Shoulder pauldrons, as well as chest pads – The costume, includes a chest pad and shoulder pauldron made of polyfoam, its edges in red binding, which adds to a perfect ninja appearance.

Fabric arm ties and ankle ties – To an even better ninja look, the costume includes a fabric arm ties (black) and ankle ties (red) sewn on the costume.

Fabric mask (black) ­– The costume also includes a black, fabric mask that can be fastened to the lower face using self-fabric ties.

Foam belt ties (red) ­– There is also a red, foam belt that you can fasten using Velcro. It also has Velcro dots allowing you to fasten the foam stars.

Foam stars (silver) – To complete a ninja look, this stealth ninja costume also includes solver, foam stars that are printed with dragon face that will surely make your kid look a ferocious ninja warriors

Here is a quick demonstration of this California Toys Stealth Ninja Costume

Shape of the Costume

The costume comes in three sizes: Small Medium and Large. This chart will give you a rundown on child’s sizes for boy’s and girls in the US

Let Your Young Boy’s Dream to be a Ninja Come True

To be a ninja warrior is every little guy’s dream and although this may not seem like a very good career choice, it will surely be a fun character to imitate this upcoming Halloween. Out of many ninja costumes out there, the California Costumes Stealth Ninja costume sure makes one perfect costume that will let your kid show some pretty cool ninja skills.

If you decided that ‘Okay! You are going to be a ninja this Halloween!” and even told your kid about it, then you had better get him the right clothes to fit the character. You want your kid to experience the whole ninja warrior character and since they did say that clothes make the man, you need just the perfect ninja costume.

DIY or Buy a Stealth Ninja Costume

There are so many DIY instructions available online, directing you on what to do to make something just like ninja warrior costume. Whether you choose to make one for your kid or buy a new one is up to you. However, if you have no time to prepare and want the best experience for your kid, the California Costume Stealth Ninja offers you the best Halloween costume experience.

Great Fun for Play

If you look at the Stealth Ninja costume’s reviews, plenty of customers say it is great for play. There are small bits of issues like the red leg straps, but kids and parents love as it is not too expensive but comfortable enough for extra play. Some have a bit of problem in sizes, but kids couldn’t be happier getting their stealth ninja costume.

Includes Everything You Need for Fun Ninja Halloween Adventure

This year, you can let your son become the ultimate ninja thanks to this nice stealth ninja costume. Even just for a single night, you can fulfill your kid’s dream with the costume coming with everything you will need to ensure your child is in perfect ninja character. From the long-sleeved hooded black jumpsuit to the foam stars, your little buddy is ready to take on his enemy.

Pair With Toy Ninja Weapons

Though the Stealth Ninja costume comes with ninja stars, it does not have complete ninja weapons, unfortunately. On that note, to make the best of your kid’s ninja experience, it would be best to pair the costume up with some toy ninja weapons for complete equipment that ensures your kid is ready for taking dangerous missions and letting his imagination run wild.

Hope this Stealth Ninja Costume Review gives you an idea how the perfect ninja costume will make this Halloween season more fun for your kid!

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