Fade In And Out Unknown Phantom Kids Costume

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  • 100% Polyester Exclusive of Trim
  • Imported
  • Pull-On closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Includes;
  • Robe hood gloves belt glasses with fade mechanism. Requires 3 x AA batteries – not included.
Fade In And Out Unknown Phantom Kids Costume
Fade In And Out Unknown Phantom Kids Costume


Are you planning to attend a Halloween costume party along with your kids? However, you just do not exactly know what they should wear? Worry no more as Grim Reaper costume can be the best Halloween costume your kid could wear for the Halloween event.  As the Halloween season is fast approaching, it is best to be prepared with the Grim Reaper costume. This is really a must-have costume for your kid that you should ever prioritize to have.

Who Is It For?

Grim Reaper costume is perfectly designed as a complete costume for kids who will attend not only the Halloween events but to costume parties and a whole lot more. This costume is also perfect for those avid fans of Grim Reaper wherein they could show their love and appreciation in the character by simply wearing their costume.

Best Features of Grim Reaper Costume

There are already a lot of Halloween costumes for kids that are now being offered in the market today. This is especially if you want your kid to wear it on the Halloween occasions and even some parties and events. If you want your kids to stand out in the crowd, you should not miss out letting him or her Grim Reaper costume.

According to the Grim Reaper costume review, this costume is usually chosen due to its impressive and high-quality features. To give you an idea on what really makes this costume different, here is the list of some of the best features:


Made from 100% polyester type of material

Robe has its self-fabric type of ties at the back part of the neck, hemline and jagged cuffs

Hood has also the padded type of front edges and meshes covering of the face

Available in small, medium and large sizes

Fade out/in unknown grim reaper phantom costume

With the above-mentioned features, it is not surprising to know that more people these days choose for a Grim Reaper costume over other costumes in the market today!

Here is a quick demonstration of this Grim Reaper costume, As you can see it’s pretty scary!!

Benefits of Wearing Grim Reaper Costume

Grim Reaper costume is continuously gaining popularity in the market. This is especially during the Halloween season. This is not just great because of the features of the Grim Reaper costume but also of the benefits that it can offer.

To give you more ideas on why you need to buy a Grim Reaper costume for your kids, here are some of the benefits that it can offer you with:

It Fits As You Expect

If you will buy Grim Reaper costume for your kids, it will most certainly be fitted to him or her perfectly. This type of costume is available in different sizes. Thus, you will be assured to find the best size that fits your kid’s size.

Cool Costume

You will be impressed by just how your kid gets excited upon wearing this costume. Your kid may not wait to wear this costume. Actually, it is really cool and different as compared to other costumes found in the market. This is also made available in different colors like black, brown and white. But, it still depends on the tastes and preferences of your kids.

Great Costume At Its Great Value

Grim Reaper costume is one of the best and high-quality costumes offered at its best price. You will be assured that the time, money and effort that you will spend in buying this costume are all worth it. This is simply because of the fact that it perfectly suits your kids.


This Grim Reaper costume is also durable enough for your kids to wear. This only means to say that you can keep this costume for several years. Your kid will be able to wear it several times for every Halloween occasion. This costume is also durable and dependable. This means to say that you can also save money wherein you no longer need to buy for more Grim Reaper costumes.

Comfortable Costume to Wear

As compared to other types of costume in the market that will just cause you stress and pain in having it to be worn by your kid, the Grim Reaper costume is a lot better option. This is what you most deserved to have.  When you let your kid wear this costume, your kid will be happy because of the comfort it brings.


This Grim Reaper costume is also offered at its very affordable price. You have just heard it right. This will not even cause a hole in your pocket due to its affordable price.

Hand Wash Easily

When you will clean the Grim Reaper costume for it to be free from dirt and dust, you will not experience any difficulty in doing it. This is simply because of the fact that this costume can be washed just by the use of your hands. You could also make use of a damp cloth to clean the costume without getting the quality of the cloth affected.

With the benefits that Grim Reaper costume can offer, you could already determine why more and more people continue to give this costume a positive review. You can also read more Grim Reaper costume review on how they were impressed and satisfied with what this costume gave them.


Grim Reaper costume is one of the most chosen costumes these days. This provides such impressive and high-quality features that make it really different from all other Halloween and party costumes. This is also offered at the most affordable price that just makes it easy and simple for you to buy it. There’s no need to worry because it won’t really break your wallet.

So, for those parents out there who are still in search for the most perfect and most appropriate costume for their kids this Halloween season, choose for the Grim Reaper costume. Read more about Grim Reaper Costume Review to learn more about it and for you to realize that it is one of the best Halloween costumes that provide a lot of benefits you will never ever regret to experience.

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Fade In/out Unknown Phantom – Child Costume – Large (12-14)

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