Kids Party Entertainment – Make Your Little Ones Be Happy

Kids Party Entertainment

Do you have children who are bored and you cannot find effective ways to keep them occupied? Children are our lives but keeping them occupied in their free time can sometimes be very challenging. Here is a list of the types of live indoor entertainment for kids that they would definitely love.

Puppet Show

Help the kids to make finger puppets from paper and create a show with a script and characters. Build up a few boxes sticking them together with packaging tape. Make the top box with an opening and hang with a curtain. Let the kids practice until they feel really confident, and then invite a few friends or family members over to watch the puppet show.

Shadow Puppet and Puppet Show

Old Clothes Fancy Dress

Sort through your old clothes looking for some that are out of fashion or that you are too embarrassed to give away or donate. Find two cardboard boxes, one for dress up clothes and one for rags. Fill the dress up box with the most outrages clothes and cut up the other clothes for the rags box. Let the kids play dress up or let them create things with the rags. This will give them hours of fun. 

Pastel Chalk Creations

Use your pastel chalk and let your kids make creative drawings on a dark sheet of paper. This video tutorial will give you an idea 🙂

Story Time

Read a book or a chapter within a book and then tell a story about it making up your own ending. Another technique has the children set in a ring and have them to add a sentence to support the story. You can get some really funny stories this way.

Kids Bingo

This is considered as one of the most exciting live indoor entertainment for kids that parents should always try at home. This can be a perfect bonding moment with your children. The Zingo bingo is an ideal game to match image and word. Not only to learn but to have hours of fun.

Zingo Bingo Game Review

Circus Skills

During the free time of your children, teach them some safe circus skills that will help them to be more creative

Kids Dance Party

If your kids love to dance, a dance party is an ideal live indoor entertainment that you should try at home together with your little ones.

Kids Magic

You can teach your kids some magic tricks and techniques that they would surely love.

Kids Karaoke

If your little ones love to sing, kids karaoke is a perfect live indoor entertainment that you definitely enjoy.

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