Kids Birthday Party Locations – Cheap and Cool Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Locations

This year, your kid probably wishes his or her birthday bash outside of your house. As a parent, you want to give your kid the birthday party he or she wishes, right? If you are looking for the best kids’ birthday party locations, keep reading this article to find great ideas.

Family Fun Center

One of the best places to have a kid’s birthday party is a family fun center. This is such a cool place because of the wide space and many activities available for kids. With the wide array of activities that you can do in a family fun center, your kid and his guests will surely have fun.

Depending on the center you booked, the games and activities usually include arcade games, bumper cars, bowling, go-carts, miniature golf and more. Sometimes, there are even rocking climbing wall and batting cages, which will surely entertain your kid’s birthday party.

Skating Rink

Kids, whether below or above 10 years of age, are sure to love a party at a skating rink. A roller skating or ice skating party is a cool party that he or she along with friends will enjoy. Unlike the normal birthday party at home, they will enjoy the novelty of an indoor or outdoor party.

Your kid and his or her friends will be having a great time skating with some electro music or disco music as background. More than the fun of playing at a skating rink together with everyone else, skating is also an exercise so your kid gets to have some exercise too.

Laser Tag Center

Laser tag is a great game that boys love. In this game, the kids get to play a kind of tag where they seek the “enemies.” In this game, the kids wear a vest and use an infrared-emitting gun in targeting the opposing team.

If your kid likes an action-packed game, a laser tag party played in dark, space-age environment makes a wonderful experience. This will be a birthday party they will surely remember. Wouldn’t you want your kid to have a great childhood?

Paintball Arena

Why don’t you have your kid’s party on an outdoor or indoor paintball arena? This is such a cool place that kids, girls or boys, will love. In a paintball arena, your kids can play all kinds of exciting, action-packed games.

Paintball arenas have games like speedball or capture the flag, total elimination and more. These are games where kids use this paintball guns to shoot and eliminate their opponents. The good thing about this all equipment and safety gears are provided by the arena.


Restaurants are great to have a party with because you do not have to prepare for the food. At the same time, there are over a hundred places of them in the country. You will not be lacking any place to have your kid’s party if you have them at a restaurant.

Another great advantage of having your kid’s party at a restaurant is they usually have deals and packages for that. That is, you can probably save at this than if you choose any other venue besides your home.

Bowling Center

Games like paintball and laser tag are cool activities for a party. Another of that is bowling, a game where partygoers can pick up their lightweight balls and hit the pins for a goal. If you choose a bowling party, you can let the location more kid-friendly.

If you choose the right bowling alley, you also get to enjoy a wide array of benefits. For instance, you can have pizza, drinks, and have a personal message shown on screen. Some bowling centers even allow you to bring in balloons, cake, favors and more, at a bit of an extra cost.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools mean water games and a lot of fun. There are also plenty of places to have a swimming party, with so many resorts located across the country. In this kind of party, both kids and adults are sure to enjoy.

For the kids, you can get an indoor pool about 4 feet deep. For the adults, you can also get a pool if you want for an extra cost. In addition to the pool, having this as a kid’s birthday party venue includes a party room, which you can have decorated in your choice of a theme.

Private Party Rooms

The great thing about private party rooms is you can have all kinds of parties on it. If you want to have a costume party or an arts and crafts party, a private party room is a perfect venue. Of course, the kind of party to have at this venue is based on what your kid likes.

If he or she likes art, you can tailor activities that your kids will like for the party. If your kid is into TV shows like cartoons, a costume party would be great. You can have the kids and other partygoers attend in costume, which will realize your kid’s dream birthday party.



If your kid loves movies, a movie party is a great idea to celebrate his or her birthday. Choose their favorite movie or the newly released they haven’t watched yet. Work with the theater manager so you can find a time for the whole group to have a private screening.

When the kids have a movie party, you can have them receive snack pack with pieces of candies, popcorn, and drinks they can enjoy. Besides the movie, you can also rent a small room to have the traditional cake blowing.


When having your party at a gym, you can decide to have a standard gym party or you can have an exclusive, themed party that your kid likes. If he or she likes a particular show like SpongeBob Squarepants and others, you can arrange for a gym party with that particular theme.

The great thing about gym parties is you can have your kid’s party outside your home and be able to customize it. Unlike other places, a gym is one of the best venues to have everything about it personalized according to your kid’s likes.

Music Room

A music party is one of the unique birthday parties that your kid and other partygoers will surely appreciate. You can rent a music room where the kids can play with instruments, learn music and perform to their heart’s content.

Working with an instructor also makes this party a bit of a learning experience. To make it more personalized, you can work with the music instructor to create lyrics and music everyone will like.

Nature Center or Botanical Garden

Outdoors is a great place to have a party. Your kids can benefit from getting close to nature and enjoying the fresh air. There are also great activities to having your kid’s party at a nature center or botanical garden.

Some of these fun activities include tree planting, nature walks, camping, and more. Of course, you need to prepare well for having the party outdoors. Think about safety and ensure that adults are there to check up on the kids.

Martial Arts Studio

Is your kid the sporty type? Then he or she can have his or her kick if you had a birthday party at a martial arts studio. If you have the party in this place, your kids and the other partygoers can play games as well as learn some karate tricks.

A martial arts studio is not a popular venue for kid’s party but it is great. It’s something that is unique and beneficial when it comes to health. This way, your kid and his or her friends also get to have some exercise along with the fun.

These are some of the best kids’ birthday party locations just around your neighborhood. Well, your neighborhood might not have all of these places. However, surely there are other great places you can celebrate your kid’s most special day.

All you need is to have a look around and you can find the venue that will make a kid’s birthday party truly memorable. Go check out these places now and prepare for your kid’s most anticipated birthday party a lot more.

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