Indoor Party Games – For Young and Old

Indoor Party Games

At some point during our childhood. We played indoor party games either at a birthday party or in a classroom. but we often forget to play them during our adulthood in any special occasion either in a bar or a friends party.If you can,t afford a DJ And Karaoke then I wrote up some games you can entertain the crowd without having any night too much of a mundane one.

Indoor Party Games

Simon Says

This is played by three or more players with one taking the lead role instructing to other players on what Simon says. What,s being said by the leader to the players have to do either by words and physical actions. But, if the one taking the lead role don’t say “Simon Says first then that person is eliminated and this goes on until whoever is declared the winner. some phrases used are

  • Jump in the air
  • Stick out your tongue
  • Stomp your feet
  • Clap your hand
  • Fall on the ground
  • Touch your toes
  • Wiggle your ears
  • Shout Hurray
  • etc

This is how it,s done!

Hot Potato

This game is done with players forming a circle either sitting or standing with an object pass one player to another as the music is played, the one with the object when the music stops is out, also the leader can shout out hot potato to one player and to another player and so on, if the leader doesn’t shout out hot potato and the one with the object is out.

This is how it,s done!

Duck’ Duck’ Goose

This game is done with players forming a big circle sitting. The one player goes around the outside of the circle tapping each others head saying the word duck until the player selects a target changing the word to a goose, by then the goose player chases round after the head tapper player reaching for the goose player spot. if the head tapper player steals their place then the goose player takes over. if not and the goose player reaches and touches of the head tapper player before reaching the goose players spot then the head tapper player does it all again

This is how it,s done!

Musical Chairs

The old classic musical chairs! This is done with a group of players with a number of chairs but less than one or two chairs between them. They walk around the chairs as the music plays and when music stops then the players scramble to sit on their chosen chair, the last player standing without a chair is out. one less chair is taken away after one player is out until the last one is sitting down is declared a winner!

This is how it,s done!

The fun really begins when adults have their own games to play. apart from darts, pool, billiards, card playing, board games but what I,m going to share with you, you can add them to your arsenal!


Split the team into two groups. Get all of them in the group to write out on each piece of paper a title of a movie, tv show, the name of a song etc.. and put them into their own bowl or hat. A person from that group picks out a piece of paper and mimes the title without verbalizing to the other group. If one person from the other group gets it right then there be points awarded to that group and then it is their turn, if not then another person from the active group do it all over again. put a one-minute countdown for each mime to make it all fun.

This gives a proper explanation

This is how it,s done on the Tonight’s show on Jimmy Fallon. Check out other such videos on youtube.

Malteser Game

Get a bowl and fill it up with Maltesers, with two or three players use a straw and suck one Malteser at a time into another empty bowl after a minute, The one with the most Maltesers wins!

You can check out other games on Games to Play on the site!

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