How to Plan a Surprise Party – Make The Most Of A Memorable One

How to Plan a Surprise Party

If there is a special someone in your life who really wants to have a celebration, then there is nothing wrong giving them a surprise party to show to them how special and important they are. Surprise party has lots of works you need to organize but as you follow the tips below on how to plan a surprise party; you’re assured that you can give a surprise party they will never forget.

Work Out on Your Guest List

Work Out on Your Guest List

Working out on your guest lists is very difficult hence you need to begin earlier. The person whom you are going to surprise might have huge numbers of family or friends that you rarely see hence you need to contact them. So act as early as possible. List down some of the guest names whom they wanted to see and spend some time with.

Select a Venue

Select a Venue

After listing the entire expected guest for the surprise party, the next thing you need to do is to select a venue. Ideally, your venue needs to be something memorable for the person whom you are going to give the surprise party. It must also be a place which can accommodate the entire guest you are expecting to attend.

Send Out Invitations


Send Out Invitations

Even if you’ve already contacted some person who is going to attend the surprise party you’ve organized it’s also a formal way of sending some invitations to them. Be sure that the invitations you’re going to send will state that it’s a surprise party hence they need to arrive at the venue of the party for at least thirty minutes before the surprise arrived.

Organize The Best Form of Entertainment


Organize The Best Form of Entertainment

If the venue you’ve chosen has enough space for entertaining activities such as dancing, then look for a local DJ or band to be present in the party. If you don’t have enough amount of budget for such type of entertainment, then you might just rent a speaker or even MP3 players but be sure that all the music that will be played in this party is suited for the taste of your guest and most especially to the surprise.

Organize Food


People usually expect foods every time they are going to attend a party. You may choose to have a full buffet at your party or just some few dips, crisps or even cress and egg sandwiches. Remember that it’s a surprise party hence you need to hide the food first before the surprise came. You can just even place it a certain area in the party’s venue where it can’t be easily seen.



Your surprise party would not be complete if you will not have the best type of decoration suited for your party. Even if it’s only a simple banner, party balloons, and poppers but it really plays an essential role to make your planned surprised party more fun and exciting.

After planning everything as you follow the above-mentioned steps on how to plan a surprise party, the most important thing you need to have in mind is a camera that would catch the face of the surprise when the guest shouts “surprise”

Here are More Tips

Surprise Party Ideas

Surprise Party

Surprise parties are definitely memorable and fun but if you are planning to throw a surprise party, there are actually a lot of things you need to keep in mind. The logistics often include deciding when, where and who to invite as well as how to properly keep and reveal the surprise. All of these details can be confusing and challenging to handle even by the most experience surprise party planner. So if you are planning to organize a surprise party, consider the following amazing surprise party ideas:

Day of Great Awesomeness

You can turn someone’s special day into a day of great awesomeness by thinking of all the wonderful things this person loves like favorite foods to eat a place to visit or activity to do and then fill his or her day with it. You can hand a person with a full itinerary that he or she can still enjoy after the party. This can last for one day or even a week.

Round the clock Gifting  

Almost everybody loves gifts so why not make someone happy by giving him or her gifts. You can give that person a gift every hour and give him or her the most awesome gifts on the final hour of his or her party. To make it more fun and surprising, you can save the best gift for last. You can actually give a gift that is related to his or her event.

Balloon Avalanche



Nothing can surprise a person and the guests more than to have a balloon avalanche during a surprise party. This surprise party idea is usually done while the person is sleeping and an avalanche of balloons will happen as soon as this person opens the door. You can even put your present in the closet and fill this closet with balloons so everything will fall out when the person opens it.

Flower Bomb

If you love balloon avalanche but you are looking for something much prettier or something that smells nice, you can consider flower bomb surprise party ideas.

Care Package

In case you cannot be with someone on a special day, you can still make this person happy by considering a care package. This is indeed one of the most amazing surprise party ideas that you can highly consider. Send a person a care package and make sure that this will arrive on the time of his or her surprise party.

Videos and Slide Shows

One of the best surprise party ideas includes videos and slideshows. You can get in touch with friends and other members of the family and collect some stories and old pictures. You can have these shoot as videos and include your well wishes to that person. Videos and slideshows work well in different celebrations.

Surprise party ideas give twists and fun to people so if you are looking for ways to surprise someone and make him or her happy, you can highly consider one of the surprise party ideas mentioned above.



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