How To Plan A Party – Be The Life And Soul Of The Party

How to Plan a Party

Parties usually happen once in a lifetime especially if they are more of celebrating events that take place once every year like birthday, anniversaries and more.

The fact that in this party, you’ll be inviting huge numbers of the guest; it is a must for you to assure that their every need would be met. That is why; you need to have a detailed and precise planning ahead of time.

Planning for your party is considered to be one of the most challenging parts of putting one party together.  No need to worry anymore since here are the lists of some of the tips you need to follow on how to plan a party and they are as follows.

Invitation Lists

This is essential since it assures that you’re not going to leave out the most important people. This is also one way of determining the exact number of people you would be expecting to come to the party.

As you work with the number of your guest, it becomes simpler to create excellent invitation lists that would be a factor towards the success of the party. Even if some expected visitors miss to attend, your party would still be completely covered.

Here are some invitation templates you can download and use on Canva, There are over 50.000 templates to choose from of all occasions so all you have to do is write down on the search bar what it is. Just sign up and pick any one of the templates so you can start dragging the text heading and it.s appropriate font sizes and when finished you can download them and print them out for distribution,

There are loads of options you can choose from which is pretty amazing.but printing things out for distribution is a thing of the past which you can still email your friends and family with the completed templates.

You can also use facebook by creating an event which you can create without downloading templates to send out to family and friends. You can set it up to send out invites on facebook.

Here is a quick demonstration of the video below


Come Up With The Best Theme For The Party

Themed parties are known to be most enjoyable and exciting. This involves some interesting things and even fun costumes for the guest. You may also find it simple and easy to select the right party decorations needed in the party since you have already chosen your own theme. A theme will definitely make your party organized and successful at the end.

Party Themes

Party is everywhere! No matter what party you hold at home or on event venues, it is important to consider the party theme so everyone will have the idea what the party is all about. No need to explain! No need to say a word! By having a party theme, the guests will seamlessly see what atmosphere you are trying to empower.

From the simple home parties to the venue celebrations, there is something you can hold up to. We have the list of the party themes you can try. Here they are:

Princess Party

Princess party theme is not just ideal for kids but also for adults who are young at heart. Ask your guests to dress like the ones they saw in a fairytale movie and let your party rocks like a Disneyland.

DIY Spa Party

Admit it, no one can resist the luxury brought by a spa session – and the good thing is you can make it as a theme in your party. Hire some manicurists who offer affordable service and prepare a variety of DIY face masks for the guests.

Retro Party

Retro parties have never been forgotten for years and if you want to bring back the good vibe, place a retro-themed party at home. Have your guests dressed a 1920s-inspired get up and prepare some retro cocktails for them to sip.

Dessert and Champagne Party

A party will never be completed without the champagne and dessert. Nothing is chicer than bubble drinks and sweet mini cupcakes.

Prom Party

If you want to bring back the feel of the prom parties when you were in school, then that is not a problem. Have a prom-themed party and have your guest dress like the king and queen of hearts.

Arabian Nights

Arabian night party theme is amazing and if you don’t have a chance to experience a party in Morocco, there is nothing to worry about. Have the belly dancers, Casbah lanterns, exotic fabrics, and traditional mint tea from Morocco to feel the Arabian party in your own way.

Mexican Fiesta

To achieve this, all you have to do is play Mariachi music in a DIY Margarita bar. Your whole night will be filled with a Mexican feel.

Farm-to-Table Dinner

Impress the guests with the locally sourced food ingredients brought to the table for a sumptuous feast.

Black and White Party

Whatever party you are holding in town, you can translate your love for the gloomy hues with the black and white themed party. Ask your guests to arrive at your party wearing black and white colored dress only.

Graduation Feels

If you missed the chance to celebrate your graduation party for some reason, then get yourself back that point again with grad feels by wearing Toga, along with the guests.

Back to College Party

If you are not into Toga themed, you can try this one. Have you own casual wears and throw a back to a college party with beers.

Pumpkin Carving Party

This party is a fun activity in groups. Serve the guests with a pumpkin theme treats.

Cowboy Party

Set up the teepee décor and ask the guests to come in a cowboy costume. If they don’t have the props, you can at least supply them with cowboy hats in the entrance.

Flower Party

Ideal for girls and girls at heart. If you are preparing for a party where only girl guests are coming, get a wonderful vibe with the flower party theme around.

Hello Kitty Party

This could be a bit expensive but it if you are dying to make this come true, no one will stop you. Invite a Hello Kitty mascot, use the Hello Kitty plates and utensils, and dress like the most famous cat.

Glam Rock Party

Show the inner side of you by artfully dressing like a rock star. Invite a rock band and have all guests dressed glamorously in all-black, with some fake piercing and black lipstick. Perfect!

Mystery Party

You will surely be surprised by how much your party visitors try to get into the idea of knowing who the murderer is in this party game.

Slumber Party

Let your guest show up in their regular pajamas. You can watch your favorite movies and have some drinks on the table to share.

Book Club

Host a book club party and have the guest come with their favorite books. Trade the books with other guest and spend the night with the exciting reading.

Play Night

As what the name suggests, you will play the entire night with the guests. Have a list of exciting games that can be done in a group.

Picnic Party

As exciting as it sounds, picnic party lets you enjoy the food with friends in the backyard.

Pizza-Making Party

Purchase the pre-made dough and plenty of pizza toppings. Invite your friends to come home for a pizza-making party. This is great when done in a contest.

Casino Night

Give your guests a casino feel n a party. Setup the blackjacks and craps with the food and drinks too.

Gold Party

You can go for gold – gold drinks, gold foods, and gold decors – any idea you wish to include is great but all in color gold.

Karaoke Party

Live the night party with Karaoke and drinks on the table. Make sure to have two microphones for the duet songs.

High School Party

Ask your guests to come to your place in a high school uniform. This will help you remember the funny and memorable days in the school. Let them share their experience on the mic while everyone is listening.

Vodka-Tasting Party

Setup different stations with different chilled vodkas and have the vodka-tasting party. This is fun but make sure to serve caviar and blue cheese stuffed olives.

Science Party

Setup a laboratory themed party and think of a weird set of decorations in the venue. Supply all your guests with lab coats and have them do their own experimentation.

Cheese and Wine Party

Turn on the cheese and wine party to a potluck. Have the guests bring their own favorite cheese and wine for the party tonight and share them with the entire guests.

Midnight Breakfast Party

The food you usually eat in the breakfast can be a great food item to use for this party. The pancakes and French toast are great but add also a cup of coffee as the alternative for wines.

Dance Party

Dancing has always been a part of the party and surely, your guests cannot resist the beats. Setup a bar-like or disco hall theme in the venue. Everyone is free to dance and it has never been an option on that night.

Pasta Party

For the next dinner, have a pasta-themed party for the guests. You can have any dish as long as the pasta is there.

Dessert Party

From tray cupcakes to candy bars, there are lots of sweet treats you can prepare on the table for the guests.

Jungle Bash

Recreate a great rainforest atmosphere for a jungle bash themed party. Bring a lot of vegetation in the venue and inspire the guest to wear their jungle-themed outfits.

And there are 100s more which we can’t cover all of them in this post for now. Feel free to pick which among these party themes are the best for you. You may have tried some of it but we are pretty sure that many on the list catch your attention to ty the next party.

Party Decorations

Party decorations can be easily determined if you are going to have your own theme. However, there are also some party decorations which can be used no matter what the party theme is.  Some aspects you may consider in choosing the right party decoration is more on the invited visitors who are going to attend the party. Choose the right one suited for their age and even personality.

Here are some cool decorations that will cost you little to nothing!

With Your Budget

There are lots of things you need to buy in throwing a certain party. If you’re not wise and smart enough to make use of your budget, then you may just end up straining all your finances. Allocate enough amounts on every party planning steps to acquire a balance. Getting all the necessary party supplies in one store or company can be an essential idea to cut down party costs since you may definitely enjoy getting some discounts. Planning for a specific party needs not to be very tedious particularly when you’re working on a tight budget. You can purchase all the needed party supplies at the most affordable rates on this site.

With the above-mentioned tips on how to plan a party, you’re assured of throwing the best type of party whom the visitors would completely enjoy.  So, don’t miss the chance to follow the above-mentioned tips to acquire the best and most unforgettable party ever.

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