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Hilarious April Fool Jokes

April Fool’s Day is one of the light-hearted days in a year. Celebrate every year on April 1, millions of people from around the world spend time laying out all kinds of practical jokes. Either at home or at the office, this day is when you see people here and there playing jokes to each other for quick, hilarious laughs.

Not only the people at home or office loves to play pranks but even the media. During this time, media outlets often publish all kinds of pretend stories just to get their readers wind up. If right now you are already preparing for your pranks this coming April, well there’s plenty of things you can do. Simple, annoying jokes are great like changing the language of your colleague’s computer.

You can also try filling up your sister’s hair dryer with talcum powder is funny as hell and might get you a hit from your sister. You can also try ones like hiding dead fish under your dad’s car seat or behind the radiator. These are April fool’s jokes that are sure to earn you a quick laugh. Since this especially hilarious day is just around the corner, you need to prepare your arsenal of good jokes and pranks.

This is the day you can let loose your inner joker and prank your family members, friends, and your bitter enemies. During April Fool’s Day, everything is fair game but don’t go around destroying people’s properties or hurting them. Below are some great pranks you can add to your list of jokes you can try this year.

The Insect Lamp

Is there someone you know who just hate insects? Well, the Insect Lamp is just the perfect joke to try. With simple black-colored cardboard cut in the shape of a cockroach or any insect your target hates, you can already what you need. Next, put it inside the lamp and place it so it is easily seen. When your target turns it on, you will have some legitimate scream when he or she saw this.

The Thumb Tacks inside the Shoe Joke

This joke is perfect for roommate or your sibling who you shares a room. Get a hold of their shoe, the one you know they will wear the next morning. Cover the shoes with thumbtacks on the sides and at the bottom. It’s not going to hurt and it might actually look cool. However, if your roommate is someone who is not easily amused, you might get him or her late. The thumbtacks will surely be a pain in the butt to take off.

Add a Grass Garden in Your Co-Worker’s Keyboard

This ingenious prank is sure to crack a laugh from your co-worker or anyone you try it on. It is also easy to do since all you need is the seeds and a little time to grow it. You don’t really need to grow it on your co-worker’s keyboard. You can do it with yours or a spare, which you then switch on April fool’s day. Your co-worker is going to be wondering how his computer suddenly has a grass garden on it.

Air Horn Scare

An air is one of the loudest things you can buy cheap and is perfect for pranks. If you look around the Internet, you can easily find air horn pranks that do not require elaborate planning or setup. You can just put the air horn near the ear of your unsuspecting victim. Then push the button and earn some hilarious reactions from your scared-y victims.

Scary Halloween Prank

Sure, it’s not Halloween but a joke’s a joke. Halloween is one of the days that just inspire you to scare your family and friends by getting them spooked. April fool’s day is also a good day for that. One of the creepy Halloween jokes you can try is the “message on a mirror” prank. All you need for this a mirror and a shower. Now, you just need to write a message on the mirror using your finger.

You can write messages like, “I am watching you” or something similarly creepy. At first, your message won’t be visible. Then, you just have to breathe carefully onto the letters to make them visible. Let them dry for about 10 minutes then let the showers on. While the shower’s on, you will see the fog building around the mirror highlighting the message seriously creeping them out. Just make sure however, to tell them it’s a joke later on or they might call the cops.

Bathroom Stink Bomb Joke

Stink bombs are a popular April fool’s joke. It is not only hilarious and annoying at the same time, it is also quite easy to make. You can create a stink bomb prank from materials you can just find around your home. With just a plastic soda bottle, a pack of matches and household ammonia mixes and let sit for 3-4 days, you already have your stink bomb. You can then make this for a powerful bathroom stink bomb joke that will go off when someone closed the lid. You can also try to find some practical jokes to it besides in the bathroom.

Liquid Ass Stink Air-Fresher Prank

A battery-operated freshener’s role is to make things smell good. That’s what it normally does. However, this coming April 1st you can easily make it the best stink joke in the world. All you need is a little modification and that’s that. You just have to change the freshener’s liquid aroma into something extremely offending to the olfactory. You can change it into something that is not as sweet and clean as it was before.

Eating Mayonnaise

Do you to enjoy seeing weird looks directly at you this April fool’s day. There is no better way to do that than eating a mayonnaise right out of the jar. All you need is a clean mayonnaise jar, vanilla pudding, and a spoon. Once you’ve completely cleaned out the jar, fill it with vanilla pudding to the brim. Let your roommate walk in on your eating and enjoying it or you can walk around offering people to have some. Enjoy their offended looks!

The Nasty Cola Prank

This is a classic and still perfect joke to prank your college buddies. Since you know and trust each other, it’s completely okay to mess around with their foods and drinks. Of course, you have to replace everything you messed with or you’re going to be in serious trouble. Anyway, this prank is essentially harmless. All you need is a sprite, the Coke or Pepsi of your friend and soy sauce. Dump the Coke or Pepsi in the sink and replace it with Sprite. Combine with soy sauce until you get the nice cola color. Let your friend or roommate enjoy the gross cola concoction you made.

The High Five Prank

This one is an easy and cheap prank that you can easily pull off anytime, anywhere. You can prank your friends, roommate, even your Professors if you have the guts. You just need the simple “what’s up” greeting and some Vaseline petroleum jelly on your palms for this prank. Go to high fiving people watching as they look at you with their grossed out face. They will only be left wondering about the slimy thing on their hand.

Caramel Onions

Do you want some evil April fool joke that would get you plenty of laughs? This caramel onion joke is perfect for you. You can delight your victims’ taste buds with some caramel onions. Just feel some onions and coat it with caramel. Offer them to your family, friends or visitors and laugh out silently (or maniacally) with your evil prank. That is unless your victim loves onions.

The Alarm Clock Prank

All you will need for this prank are old-school alarm clocks. It’s perfect if your roommate is particularly loud and fussy in the morning. Now that’s the time for payback with this alarm clock prank. Set the alarm clocks that it would go off at the same time. Hide them at different places all over your room, so it won’t be easy to find them. It would be funnier if you do it just before your roommate wakes up. When the clocks go off, watch him or her freak out trying to find the clocks to shut off all of them.

The Spider in a Cup Joke

This one, just like the Insect Lamp, is perfect for those with living fear of spiders. It is one of the oldest jokes out there, but you cannot beat the classics. All you need for this is a fake spider, a piece of paper or cardboard and a clear plastic cup. To prank your victim, put the fake spider inside the clear cup. Then hold the cardboard or paper on the cup’s opening. Turn it sideways then go out telling everyone how you’ve found this huge spider. When you get near your victim, “accidentally” drop the cup to the floor. Watch them scream and squirm and run faster than they ever did before. Just hope your victim has a great sense of humor.

The Dry Board Eraser Prank

If you are so mean that you would even prank your favorite teacher, this is the prank for you.  Go to class earlier than your teacher to mess with the dry board eraser. To do this prank, just take the eraser then open it.  Use black shoe polish, put it inside then restore the eraser to normal. The eraser will soon absorb the shoe polish and when they use it, it will be so much fun and hilarious she can’t help but also crack a laugh.

The Harmonica and Car Prank

Cheap pranks are the best and this one is cheap as well. It’s perfect to use where your target thinks he’s perfectly safe – in the car. If your target also likes to park in your spot, this prank would be a perfect revenge as well. The only thing you will need for this is a cheap plastic harmonica, a tape and of course, your target’s car. To prank, just put the harmonica somewhere on the car’s grille and attach using a tape. When your roommate goes more than 40 MPH, they will harm the harmonica blasting that they will be confused as hell.

The Tampon Joke

This one’s perfect to creep your victim out. Open and then stick the string on an empty carton juice’s cap using a tape or glue. While you let the string dry, fill the empty carton with red Kool-Aid and water. If you can use fake blood, that’s even better. When you filled the carton, put the tampon inside then close the cap. When someone asks for a juice or drinks, give them this. Oh, they will be in for some creepy surprise.

The Powdered Chili Powder Joke

For this one, you are going to need a juice carton’s cap. What could you possibly need it for? Well, you are only going to do is ram it inside the PowerAde’s bottle. If you want, you can instead mess his drinks by adding water and chili powder inside. Put the cap back on, shake the bottle and give it back to your friend. See how well he’ll react when he takes a sip of his PowerAde.

Become A Seat

This one here is a truly funny joke. If you want to see people’s reactions when they accidentally sit on you, becoming a seat is the idea. Turning yourself into a car seat and inviting people to drive the car would be really hilarious. You can watch them feel grossed out and surprised when they suddenly realized they are sitting on someone. It will be fun. Well, until you get a ticket.

If you search all over the Internet, you will see some awesome April fool’s joke that will inspire you this coming April 1st. Some of them are pretty old school and might not even be as funny as they were before. However, with just a little creativity, a bit of spunk and a lot of evil ingenuity, you can certainly make one hell of a good prank.



  1. These are all pretty good ideas. I am now ready with my arsenal of cool April fools ideas. Thank you!

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  3. OMG, there are a lot of good pranks here! I do plan on using 1, or maybe a couple 😀 Thanks for sharing all these great pranks. I don’t know where you found them, but they are great! I don’t normally do an April Fool’s joke, but only because I usually forget. I won’t forget now, LOL

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