Fun Halloween Party Games -19 Games To Play For All Ages

Fun Halloween Party Games

Are you planning to throw a Halloween party this year? Well, to achieve the best party of the year, you will need to plan your themed activities, party foods, decorations, and of course, your lists of Halloween party games! Don’t have the best idea yet? Then, you can find it in here! You can find ideas about the most enjoyable Halloween party activities and games. Apart from that, these game ideas are not just only fun, but also very easy to make. Visitors especially the kids will definitely enjoy these kinds of games as their part of Halloween party.

Halloween Jinx

This game is not about what the kids supposed to do, rather it is about what they are not supposed to do. This game is usually for the adults, but since it can be modified, kids can play it too. So, how will you do this game?

When your guests have already arrived at the party, give them a piece of paper or card that has a list of words. The words are needed to be similar to every guest. So, these will be the jinx or forbidden words for the night. Then, when a certain guest hears another guest who uses at least one of the words, they will need to shout or yell “Jinx!” A person who said a forbidden word will be taken away their card and absolutely out of the game. The one that will be declared as the winner will be the last person who didn’t use the jinx words.

Halloween Pumpkin Game

This game will require finding plastic or small pumpkins which are hidden within the house. The player or the team that finds more pumpkins will be the winner. The rules for this game are just similar to the Easter egg hunt.

Mummy Wrap

The player will work together for this game to wrap a co-player with a crepe paper or tissue paper. When you begin playing a music, then the different teams can already start wrapping their chosen mummy. When you turn off the music, the players will also stop wrapping. The team which has a more mummified mummy will be the one who will win in this game.

The spooky walk

It is a type of musical chair game, but excluding the pushing and running. All you have to do is to cut out witches, pumpkins, scarecrows, brooms, and other symbols for Halloween. Then, you will need one item for every player. You can also place these cutouts within a circle on the table. Then, play a haunting music and turn it off and on for several times. Have the players walk in the circle standing or stepping beside the items that you have cut out. When you stop the music, everyone will freeze the items that are next to them. Remember that there should only be one player per item. Repeat the process until you already have one player left where he/ she will be declared as the winner.

Candy corn catch

This is a game where your goal is to catch a candy corn that is thrown by your teammate or partner to the plastic pumpkin that you are wearing on your waist.

To make it fair, give every member or team with the same number of candy corn. Then, you have to select a player who will wear a pumpkin and tie it around his waist. Now, you will need to establish a throwing line with the players who have the candies and make the person who wears the pumpkin at least five to ten feet away. When it is already settled, start the tossing game. the person who is wearing the pumpkin can also move to catch the candy corns that are being thrown. Once the candy corns are all been thrown, count the number of candies that are going in the pumpkin. Switch the members and start the game again. When everyone has already finished their turn, total the number of candy corns that are being caught in the pumpkin. The team which the greatest number or candy corns will be the winner.

Word Scrambles

The scramble worksheets will feature different Halloween words to be fixed as well as pictures to be colored. The word’s scramble is printable and scrambles words will change every time you visited. The lists are also provided on the bottom for every worksheet so you can see and check your answer.

Halloween – Word Scrambles

With this, you can make new worksheets easily, which is always unique and unlimited supplies of scramble words worksheets that can be used in your home party. It is also grouped depending on the level of the game from easy, medium and hard. This is a great activity especially for your kids for developing their analytical and problem- solving skills.

Scarecrow relay race

This game has a two- type versions. The first is Stuff a Scarecrow where it can be enjoyed by mixed of ages. The other type is Be a Scarecrow, where it is much enjoyable for children with five years or more in age, who can dress themselves easily. So how do you play this game?

You have to divide the players into two teams. Every team will be given to supplies and materials for building and create a scarecrow. The teams will race to know who can create a scarecrow first. Then, use a twine for tying the wrist of the shirt, legs of pants and on the burlap sacks for its head. The team that can complete this first will be the winner of the game.

And here are some more great Halloween games in the video below if the ones above you haven’t whet your appetite!

  1. The pumpkin hunt seems like a great idea these days. I feel like it has become harder and harder to let kids go out and trick or treat, this might be a great way to accomplish some of the same fun but in a very safe and controlled environment. You could even fill the pumpkins with candy on your own (or maybe something healthier if you care!). What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. The mummy wrap game looks like fun. I also like the candy corn toss… but I would put a bowl on the head to catch them. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Wow, these are all really great games to play with friends. I am currently a UC Santa Cruz student and I am sure my dorm mates will love these. Thank you so much!

  4. HaHa ! I remember some of these from back in the days, but haven’t participated in any Halloween parties at friend’s homes lately. Your post is ideal for those looking for right itinerary for Tuesday to make the evening even more enjoyable. Thanks you !

  5. These games bring back some memories! The Jinx game sounds like fun and I love Jimmy fallon! I am going to try that one with my friends for Halloween. I think they will all enjoy it.

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