Father’s Day Homemade Gifts – Unique Homemade Gifts Ideas

Father’s Day Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts are one of the best things that you can give to your father. Since it is homemade, it is personal and will make the gift even more special. Homemade gifts are very unique. Here are some of the best Father’s Day homemade gifts that you can consider.

No matter what kind of gift you get for your dad, you should always consider what gift will fit your father’s personality. What are his hobbies and interests?

Energy Snacks

You can make energy snacks for your dad. He will certainly enjoy eating healthy and delicious treats while doing his job.  If your father has to fix your roof or plumbing, give him a plate of energy snacks and refreshing drinks. You can also add your own twist to these recipes like using healthy ingredients to make your dad’s favorite desserts.

Luggage Handle Cover

If your dad travels often, you can give him a handmade handle cover to adorn his suitcase and make it more comfortable for him to carry around. The handle cover would also make his luggage easy to spot.

Bath Soaps

You can make bath soaps for your dad. All the materials you need can be found in health food stores or supermarkets. You can create body scrubs, bath bombs and bath salts. These gifts will certainly help your dad relax. You can even keep some for your own.

Personalized Mug

If your father loves drinking coffee, why don’t you give him a personalized mug? Just get a plain mug, a stencil, a porcelain paint pen and a sharpie. You can draw anything you want such as a mustache or a caricature of your dad’s face. If you want something more classic, you can always write “Best Dad in the World” or “I Love You Dad” on the mug.

Mounted Wall Art

Mounted wall art pieces are also a good gift. Your dad can hang the art pieces in his workshop or office. Select photos that he will want to recall again and again.

I Love You Card

Show your dad just how much you love him by giving him a card. Just get a pair of scissors, some colored paper and a marker. You can also cut out letters from old magazines. If you want to make a lasting memory, making a handmade card with your feelings and words of love in it will do much more than store bought cards.

Tin Toolboxes

You can turn an old tin can into a mini toolbox for your father. It can hold small items like keys, nuts, bolts, gum and coins.

Remote Caddy

You can always make a remote caddy for your dad. He can put pens, small remotes and small notepads in the caddy.

Personalized Apron

If your dad loves to cook, giving him a personalized apron will definitely make him happy. You can use an iron-on pattern or stencils to make a unique apron that reflects your dad’s personality.

Cord Organizer

A cord organizer box will make it easy for your dad to organize cords and keep everything clean. Choose colors that match your dad’s style. You can label each box to make it easier for him to find what he needs.

Custom Photo Book

You can compile your favorite photos in a personalized photo book. This gift will definitely touch your dad’s heart. A custom photo book will always be a special gift.

Outdoor Pillow

These creative outdoor pillows will help your dad relax after a tiring day of work or when he’s camping with friends. He can store the pillows outside on the deck.

DIY Coat Rack

A DIY coat rack is a great gift that is not only useful, but also stylish. This is a good time to unleash your creative skills. Your dad can use the coat rack to hang his jackets, scarves, coats or maybe even his hats.

Hanging Planter

You can use your old shirts to make a hanging planter. It is easy to make. You can add an herb or flowering plant to the pot before giving this to your dad. He will definitely appreciate the fact that you made such a creative and thoughtful gift.

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

If your dad has different kinds of tapes in his office or workshop, you can make a jumbo tape dispenser for him. This will make it easier for him to find all his tapes as he can keep them organized and always ready for use.

DIY Fishing Rod and Reel

If your dad loves fishing, you can make a DIY fishing rod and reel for him. He can display the gift in his office or at home or use it to catch fish. You can also create entertaining fishing games that you can play with your dad. This way, you can have fun bonding moments together.

Personalized Bow Tie

Create a custom bow tie for your dad. He can wear the bow tie on festive occasions such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays or holidays. Your dad can even wear it every day. If you don’t have any idea about what design to make, you can search online for some ideas.

Garden Markers

You can give custom garden markers to your dad. The markers can represent herbs, fruits, bugs or vegetables. These markers are easy and fun to do.

Candy Wreath

If your dad loves sweets, a candy wreath is definitely one of the best gifts that you can give him. Add the candies to the wreath. If you want to hang the wreath, you can cut a piece of ribbon and form it into a loop. You are free to choose the number of candies you want to include in the wreath. Add as many of the candies that your dad likes.

Gifts in a Jar

You can give gifts in a jar anytime. Throw in your dad’s favorite candies or treats and decorate the jars to make it beautiful. Your dad can display the jar in the bedroom or even in his home office.

Tissue Photo Globe

You can make a tissue photo globe for your dad. A rotating globe that contains photos of his interest is a great conversation piece. Making a tissue photo globe is easy. You just need to find an unused globe. If you don’t have one at home, you can buy a globe at thrift stores or yard sales. You can also find globes on auction sites. Once you have a globe, paint it with a gesso primer to stiffen the globe. Use a small piece of sandpaper to smooth out the globe’s surface. Get the photos you want to use.  It can be photos from your past and most recent vacations. Tape some white tissue paper to a piece of printer paper. Place each page individually and print your desired photos. You will be printing on the tissue paper using this method.

Cut and arrange the photos all over the globe. You will be creating a collage using the tissue paper photos. Cover the photos with a gloss sealer called mod-podge. Make sure to do this gently, so you don’t rip the photos. Allow the globe to dry. This is a special homemade gift that will remind your dad of the most special moments and events in his life. He can put the tissue paper globe in his office, workstation or bedroom.

Your gift selection should show your earnest love and how thankful you are for everything your father has done for you. Homemade gifts don’t need to cost a lot. It doesn’t need to be difficult to create. The impact and impression that homemade gifts make is usually deeper than gifts purchased from the store. Understanding your father’s interests and likes can help you determine the perfect homemade gift for him this coming Father’s Day.

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  1. What a great list of homemade Father’s Day gift ideas. I really like the videos that show you how to make the items, like the energy bars. They look so simple and delicious! Homemade gifts are a great way to show how much you care.

    • Hi Sandra. sometimes videos could make a lot of sense matching with the written content. I try to make things simple and easy to understand.I;m happy you got to like the protein bars. enjoy today and thank you for the kind words, Sandra 🙂

  2. Okay I have looked for great idea for fathers day gifts every year and always have such a difficult time.
    These ideas are amazing! looks like I will be busy crafting over the next little while.
    Thanks so much for these ideas.

    • Hi Linsey, mice to have you on board and I’m happy to giving you good ideas, I hope you found what you wanted? anyway. thanks again

  3. Hi, there are so many cool ideas that I hadn’t thought of on this page, it’s great! I’m always looking for things to do for my own dad, but also for things to do with the kids to help them make something extra special for my husband on Father’s Day. The tissue globe is an awesome idea.The garden markers, the remote caddy. There are so many ideas here so I’ll be bookmarking this page.
    I really feel that the best Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day!) gifts are those that are homemade. They mean so much more, and are things that you want to keep forever.
    One year we made both my husband and my Dad a photo collage of the kids. We bought extra large frames, painted a large white sheet of paper as a backdrop, and when dry we picked our favourite photos and stuck them on top of the paper and put it in the frame. Both of these are still up on our walls. Another year when the kids were little and I was feeling brave, I got out 4 different colours of paint. I got our twin boys to put one hand in a different colour, and then place their hands on a canvas. We have the most delightful coloured hand prints on our wall, and again it’s one of the most special gifts we’ve been able to give, as we made a few and gave them to family.
    Thanks so much, you’ve inspired me with some new ideas! Father’s Day this year is going to be fun.

    • Hi Melissa, This is why I like building this site cause I for one was way back was lost or clueless what to do leading up to special occasion or holiday, You’re right, Making gifts that has more of a sentimental value and has huge meaning, You prove that having something that is less meaningful that you created into something that you cherish forever, Your story is heartfelt and it comes out through those words you wrote. thanks for sharing this Melissa, It.s a lovely comment 🙂

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