Easter Party Ideas – The Best Ways To Celebrate Easter

Easter Party Ideas

Whether you will celebrate a small gathering or a big family affair next month, an Easter party is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, time and money to make the event very special and successful. It is quite burdensome and without any background. Check out these Easter party ideas to make the day a springtime event to reminisce forever.

Create Mini Basket Place Settings

Easter Sunday will never be as fun as possible without creative and unique decorations. When it’s been a few days that you have been struggling with the aesthetic presence in the venue, why don’t you try this mini basket place settings? By applying your imagination, you can make this décor appealing to the eyes. Keep in mind to recycle materials. In case have lots of unused and old baskets in the stock room, those would be enough. You can apply a little amount of paint to make them newer and more fantastic.

Create a Floral Centerpiece

Aside from mini basket place setting, you can still create other things that will give life to your venue. Look around your house for different items. When you have some, add baby’s breath as well as speckled eggs for an incredible centerpiece. With that, you can see how happy all kids you’ve invited. They will be much eager to participate in different games from the start to finish.

Build Festive Mason Jars

Are there candies inside your cabinet and planning to kick off an Easter party? Whatever the case may be, you can use that as giveaways. All you have to do is to put them in clean jars. But before that, you can put a piece of paper with an image of an animal. After that, you can add some ribbons for more aesthetic appeal. At the end of the Easter celebration, you can see how excited the kids to receive such presents.

Think about a Prettier Seating Plan

Seating arrangement has been one of the things that many individuals overlook. When you have celebrated Easter party before and are eager to incorporate this into your next celebration, you are having a great idea. Just research images of pigeon then print them out. You can make them more personalized by writing a message on them. You can also write your guest’s name. Then place it on a plate. That’s it!

Create Bunny Hats

Kids love hats. They become more excited when they wear such things. So, creating these is another amazing Easter party idea that could make your goals a reality. What makes this interesting is the fact that it is new. Every child invited would be as happy as possible. All you have to use are pieces of coloring paper, paste, and yarn. There is no need to buy as old materials are enough.

Try a Candy Bar

Chocolates and candies are one of the favorite sweets among kids out there. Most events with young guests would never be complete without chocolate bars, a different flavor of candies, etc. So, one of the most effective Easter party ideas is creating a Candy bar. Just prepare your budget as this might be expensive. Provide a variety of options so that all children could not have a hard time to pick what they really like.

Make Easter egg Topiary Trees

Replicas of trees are usually available during Christmas. But other people have been using the idea during other occasions like Easter Sunday. Since egg symbolizes this remarkable day, why don’t you make Easter egg topiary trees? What you need are egg shells. Then put some dried scotch grass. You can also consider other dried grass. For sure, they will be the center of attraction in your Easter party. Plus, people will surely ask you about how you make it. They will use the idea in their own event in the future.

Integrate Easter egg Hunt into your List of Games

Hunting eggs are one of the Easter party ideas you should not miss. When you expect a lot of toddler during the day, this game idea would complete the Easter. To help them find eggs, you can use brightly colored balloons. One thing is for sure, they would love to gather all eggs available. You can also group them into two to develop camaraderie and leadership.

Construct Vases

These days, buying vases is as easy as eating a pie. This means there are a lot of options to choose from. However, when you are running out of the budget, making your own vases is a brilliant idea. With a bunch of bottles and colorful flowers, you can come up with a simple yet stunning centerpiece. That way, your dream Easter party will come to life.

Integrate Bunny Party Theme

Have you been celebrating Easter party for the past few years? Do you want to try a different theme this 2018? If that is the case, choosing a bunny party theme would be a great decision. But how are you going to do it? Just incorporate grass and flowers with touches of pink and festive bursts of color. With a creative mind and dexterous hands, everything will be set ahead of time, going beyond your expectations.

Tie Egg Poppers to Trees in the Backyard

In case the ones you have invited are older kids, this Easter party game is good for them. They will definitely enjoy pulling at some of these Easter egg poppers. Put some candies to surprise them. Just be certain to hang them in sturdy branches so the children do not pull the branches down with the egg popper. As a result, everyone will participate. There will be no kids left in their seats.

There you go the list of Easter party ideas for you! Make the event a new one to create a vivid memory in children’s minds. Plan ahead to avoid hassles. Take action today and expect a colorful and successful party. Plus, achieve your Easter goals without expensive costs!

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  1. Hey, these are some fantastic ideas. It all looks so colorful. I don’t know but is the painting and coloring of cooked eggs not popular where you are?
    In Switzerland we do egg coloring with the kids, it’s great fun and afterward the pretty colored eggs taste a lot better 🙂

    • Hi Stefan. I got to be honest. I haven’t heard of this in Ireland but until I did my research and the more I looked. do more I was tempted and now I’m definitely giving this a try 🙂

  2. LOVE these ideas! So cute and easy to make. I especially like the idea of a candy bar…I may do that for my younger brothers next month:)

  3. Easter is on its way and I have nothing planned yet, so this is something I might get my family into. I’ve been really basic the last few years so I’m going to take your advice on seating arrangement and try something new for once. Also, the bunny hats are amazing. Thanks for all this helpful information!

    • Hi Brandon This is great that I have been of help to you. I hope this Easter will be amazing on what you will take from here. thanks for the kind words

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