Easter Games For Kids – Top 10 Fun Game Ideas

Easter Games For Kids

One of the exciting events every year is Easter Sunday. A lot of kids look forward to a much fun and engaging celebration. They seem very eager and excited to hop like bunnies during this occasion. To provide them the experience they expect, incorporate Easter games for kids into your plans.

Whether you do not have an idea or have the interest to try something new, worry no more. As a matter of fact, there is a number of activities to choose from. Take a look at the following and find out what best suits to the list of children you have invited.

Egg Commands

Before the start of the party, write down lots of commands on pieces of paper. Fold them up and place them inside aesthetic, plastic eggs. Just be sure to have as many eggs as your participants. You can divide kids into teams. You should assign an adult judge per team. Then, fill a basket for every team with eggs. The moment you say “Go”, the first player from every team must race towards the basket. They have to choose an egg and perform the command. The team who has the highest scores will be the winners.


Another Easter games for kids is bingo. You just have to create an Easter bingo card with cute images. Cut them in advance and place in a basket. During the actual scenario, provide the kids with jelly beans which will serve as bingo markers. To start, you need to pull a clip art image at a time and show it to the children. They must not forget to mark the match. The game will end when someone gets a bingo. Note, instruct the kids well to avoid confusion. Repeat the mechanics when the need arises.

Basket Head Relay

The race has been a common Easter game for kids. When you have been using sack race for the past few years, now is the right time to use baskets. Divide the children into two groups. Place colored eggs in selected spots. When you signal the start of the race, each player should get the eggs and put them in a basket in a relay form. This means they have to pass the basket to their teammates the moment they get an egg. The first team that gathers all eggs will be the winners.

Runaway eggs

In this Easter game, assign a player to be the bunny and let him wear bunny ears. And the rest must be the runaway eggs. The former will be the one to gather eggs into the basket. You can place a big hula hoop on the ground that will serve as the basket. Once the bunny tags a runaway egg player, the latter must stand in the basket. The game would end when all eggs have been collected. Also, you can assign a new player to act as the bunny. Depending on the time left, you can give all kids the chance to be the bunny.

Jelly Bean Race

Another kind of race you can take advantage of is the jelly bean race. All you have to do is to fill 2 baskets with jelly beans. Put them side-by-side on a big table. Divide all players into three teams. Then provide every team an empty basket and a small poon. The first team that gets all jelly beans will receive the reward.

Decorate the Egg

When you have experienced all the given Easter games for kids, there’s more. Divide all children into three teams. Give each team a transparent garbage bag with arm and leg holes. Then, give them other bags of Easter grass and rolls of streamers. Allow the teams to choose one of their players to be their eggs. Instruct them to put that player in the bag. The rest will be responsible for stuffing their eggs with Easter grass and wrapping them with streamers.

Egg Matching Game

When looking for the easiest Easter game for kids, this Easter egg matching game is an incredible choice. In fact, there is no preparation time involved. What you need to do is to take eggs apart and place them in a particular bin or even a bowl. After that, spread them on the floor carefully. Then, instruct the children to match the plastic eggs based on their colors as well as sizes.

Easter Egg Scramble

Just like other games, this Easter egg scramble is also fun. Take apart two plastic eggs. Employ only the half of the egg and line them up. After that, place a bean or a candy under one of the eggs you prefer. Make sure to show where you place the sweets. Then, rearrange the eggs on the table quickly and let the participants guess where the candy is. The one with the right guess will be the winner.

Easter Egg BowlingEaster Egg Bowling

Have you ever thought that Easter party would be more fun than before? Or do you lack ideas how to get started? Whatever the case may be, Easter egg bowling could be an ideal choice. Start the day by bowling over a few plastic eggs. With that, other parents will definitely adopt your idea. For more information, you can make a research online.

Peep Eating Race

Are you quite curious how to get the most out of your ceiling this Easter? If yes, you can hang marshmallow chicks from it. Let each player stand next to a peep. When you give the signal, all should eat the peeps without the help of their hands. The one who finishes first will get big prices.

 Musical Easter BasketsMusical Easter Baskets

After the classic, Musical Chairs, this Easter game for kids was created. But this has a twist. Instead of using chairs, line up baskets. If you use 5 Easter baskets, make sure to have 6 players. Tell them to hop around the baskets while the music plays. When it stops, every participant must pick one. The player who is unable to get a basket will be out. The game will continue until one player remains.

So, have you finally decided what Easter game for kids you like? Whatever your decision, you would celebrate an Easter Sunday in a much exciting way with the abovementioned activities.

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  1. I love your website and again, I found myself thinking, “this one is great” only until I found another one. Great ideas! Going to be hard to choose. I am going to print this out and look it over to see which would be most fun for my son and his friends! Thank you again for sharing.

    1. Hi leahrae. It,s great that you found something that will make this Easter special for your son and his friends, thanks for stopping by again and maybe talk to you again soon 🙂

  2. With easter right around the corner these are all great ideas to ensure the kids have a great time. We do a traditional Easter egg hunt, but that’s it. I’m going to have to add some of these this year!

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