Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers – Make This a Memorable Occasion

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

A birthday party for toddlers is a memorable occasion that every parent wants to make it so special as possible each and every year. However, planning an exceptional birthday party yearly can be a challenge, most essentially if you are tired of the many character-themed toddlers’ birthday parties. Below is a list of some of the best and unique birthday party ideas for toddlers.

Make-Believe Sleepover Birthday Party for Toddlers

This is a great birthday party idea for kids not old enough for an all night sleepover and might be the best party theme for a child graduating from a crib and getting a new kid bed. Plan to have this party in the early evening, shortly before bedtime.

Teddy bear or pillow shaped invitations will work well for announcing your party to guests. Do not forget to tell every guest to bring a sleeping bag and their preferred stuffed animal to wear their pajamas. Begin the party in the middle of your living room floor or in your kid’s new bedroom. Play a party game, watch a movie and give manicure or facials.

You might choose to serve a pizza dinner or opt for popcorn during the movie. Serve cookies and milk before bedtime. Before the party ends, gather the guests into their sleeping bags and share an exciting story. Send the guests home with pillowcases bags packed with bubble bath, small bottles of lotion, a book, lip balm, a toothbrush, and other small items.

Beach Party At Home

Toddlers love a birthday party at the beach. With a little planning, you can throw a beach party without leaving your home. For those kids with cold weather birthdays, turn up the heat and try an indoor beach party for a remarkable birthday party blast. Send out invitations with a tropical, island flair and request the visitors to dress in a beach theme. In case you plan any swimming or soaking water activities, you might also request visitors to bring a swimsuit or trunks or a change of clothes, and beach towel as well depending on your activities.

Decorations for beach birthday party at home can be simple or quite creative. If the party will be outdoors in warm weather, you can set up a water slide or swimming area. Exterior decorations could include tiki torches, inflatable palm trees, and other tropical decoration. If you are planning a beach party outdoors, you can utilize the same decorations and might want to make a beach with blue blankets or a tarp.

Play energetic and fun beach songs with an island beat all through the party give your visitors leis as they arrive. Play beach related games such as beach ball games or Limbo. If the party will be outdoors, you can have squirt gun activities or water balloon as well. Other indoor activities might include beach themed bingo or musical beach towels.

Serve a summer themed birthday cake with ice cream and tropical fruit punch. Party favors could be seashells, sand pails with shovels, shark teeth, sun visors, sunglasses and lip balm. A treasure hunt for these before the end of the event can be a thrilling activity or you can put the favors in a huge treasure chest for a creative décor and let the visitors help themselves as they leave the party.

Teddy Bear Party Idea

Teddy Bear Party Idea

A party and picnic combined. Toddlers are keen on teddy bears. So this party idea will surely make their birthday party very special. Ask guests to bring their most loved teddy bear.

Ask guests to exchange their teddy bears and look after them at the time of the event. This is a good way to teach them responsibility. Blowing a bear shaped balloon is also a fun and exciting activity. You can play usual games such as musical chairs, passing the parcel and many others.

With regards to décor, considering picnic baskets is a good choice. Make this the centerpiece of the table and make the event revolve around it. Teddy bear party idea can be done outdoors or indoors.

When it comes to food, you can serve your guests with lemonade, cookies and sandwich. You can add anything you want as long as it is healthy and wholesome.

Crayon Party Idea

Toddlers will very much like to play with crayon. Your toddler’s birthday party will be colorful with this theme. To make this party successful, you will need lots of crayons. Get in diverse shapes, sizes and colors. Your kids and her classmates and friends will enjoy playing with them. But ensure to tell them to avoid writing on the wall.

To make it more exciting tape a huge, strong piece of paper on the floor and let the guests loose. This is also perfect for grownups.

When it comes to decoration, dig out your kid’s old scribbles and put them around the living room. Hang a rainbow poster in the room to accentuate the theme.

Adding a rainbow cake will surely make the party more exciting. You can also serve cookies in various shapes and colors. Make sure the menu is colorful as well.

Circus Party Idea

Adults and kids really enjoy a circus party. You can take your visitors to a real circus near your place or a host party at home. Circus party is an exceptional birthday idea for toddlers who love fun and excitement.

Game ideas include asking visitors to arrive dressed in circus characters. You can also hire jugglers and joker. Face painting is also a remarkable idea.

With regards to decoration, you can buy circus themed décor or you can keep it simple by getting joker masks, lions, juggler figurines and put them in your room.

You can cook food and name them after circus characters. Joker or clown cake is also a remarkable idea.

Go Dinosaur Party Idea

Go Dinosaur Party Idea

A dino party idea is something every toddler will going to love. Completer with dino theme games and dino tattoos.

Digging some fossils is a game your kid and guests will love. Toddlers love playing in the sand. Hide some dinosaurs’ toys in the sandbox. In case sandbox is not available, you can make one. Never forget to cite sand play in your invitation; therefore the parents can bring an extra cloth.

When it comes to decoration, you can hang or put dino toys everywhere. If you can afford, chance your room into a Jurassic Park. You can also host this party outdoors if you have a spacious backyard.  If you choose to host this outside, there is no need to elaborate your decoration.

When it comes to foods, you can serve dino-shaped cookies along with juices. You can bake them on your own or order from the nearest bakeshop that customizes orders. Serve foods and name them after dinosaurs as well as t-rex sandwich. Creativity is the key to make this birthday party idea successful.

Important Thing to Consider

The expense is a consideration in party planning, so consider your budget and how much you can afford to spend on any of this birthday party idea for toddlers. Keep in mind that happiness and fulfillment is the most important thing. You just have to be creative.

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