Birthday Card Ideas – Make Someone Feel Extra Special for Their Birthday

Birthday Card Ideas

Sending birthday greetings has never been easy as it is today. Remembering someone’s birthday is even easier with social media notifications. You can easily post a birthday message on the Facebook walls of your friends or tweet one via Twitter. These things definitely kept you from forgetting someone’s birthday and make their day extra special.

Sometimes though, the essence of a birthday greeting is lost in them. A message online doesn’t seem to carry the same feeling as a personal message, don’t you think so?  If you don’t care so much about sending the best greeting, you can stay with the contemporary ways of sending birthday greetings.

However, if you want to make someone feel extra special for his or her birthday, a handmade birthday card will do the trick. It will never fail to amaze your friend to send a message like the traditional way. You can still send them photo tags or post on their walls. However, you can make them feel more valued and loved by sending them a handmade birthday greeting.

Washi Tape Birthday Banner Card

Washi tapes are a great tool for designing all kinds of things, including birthday cards. You can use washi tapes for simple designs like the borders of your card. But you can make it more decorative by designing the washi tapes in banner style. All you need is cut the tapes into flags and stick on an art paper or cardstock.

This is a simple and easy design for a birthday card. If you already have your washi tapes, card stock, and other art supplies, you can make this in less than half an hour. Of course, you also add more designs if you want. You just need to use your creativity and make use of your tools for your own banner card. Now, you are ready to write your message and send it to your loved one.

Cupcake Wrapper Birthday Card

This birthday card is also quite easy to make. A greeting card designed with a sweet treat everybody loves, it will surely be a lovely birthday card. To make this, you will only need a birthday candle, brown paper, and a cupcake wrapper. Cut the brown paper and the wrapper like how they should look a real cupcake.

Once cut, put them in the center of your card with the candle at the top of the paper and the wrapper shaped like a real cupcake. If you use a colorful wrapper, your birthday card will look much pleasing to the eye. You can also use washi tapes to create a border or design a little bit. But with the cupcake, it’s enough said for wishing your friend of a happy birthday.

Here is something similar. you can draw and color the whole cupcake with paper circuit card and use the LED as a flame on the candle

3D Gift Box Pop Up Birthday Card

3D pop-ups are one of the best designs many uses for their homemade birthday cards. To some who are not artistically inclined, creating pop-ups seem like a difficult task. You find simple, uncomplicated pop designs you can make on your own just like this 3D gift box pop up card. To do this, take two cards with one slightly bigger than the other.

Take the smaller, inner card and draw from outside the shape of three birthday gifts (small, medium to large). Cut the design but only the upper and bottom line of the boxes. Those will create the pop-up design of your card. Then, paste the card’s edges with the other card and wrap up the pop-up boxes in colorful washi tapes to make it look like real birthday gifts.

Sweet Treats Birthday Card

The background to use in this birthday card is your favorite sweet treats. It is someone’s birthday and sweets are the staple at times like these.  You can also send real sweets along with your birthday card, but a treats-designed greeting card is great already. Your family or friend is sure to appreciate the color and fun of a card full of sweets, at least as a decoration.

To do this, you can work out your creativity and draw the sweet treats yourself. If you are not confident with your drawing skills, you can print out designs from online. There are many sites for creating greeting cards that have templates you can use for design. You can use them to print colorful treats to paste on your card along with your message.

You can find Birthday Templates on Canva on making your birthday card for that loved one

Simple Birthday Gifts Greeting Card

Most homemade birthday cards you will find uses glitters and frills as decorations. They’re a bit girly for dads, sons, and brothers, right? This is when this simple birthday gift greeting card will be the best choice. This card features a simple design and color scheme that makes it perfect for the males of the house.

In contrast to the frills and glitters of the girly cards, this time you use the birthday gifts design. Take out you colorful papers, pens and glue, which you will use to shape into birthday gifts. You can also print templates from this Canva or somewhere online. If you want, you can also print pictures available online to use. All you need is a dose of creativity to add a more personal touch to those pictures.

Birthday C0nfetti Greeting Card

To make the confetti, use a puncher on different colored papers (you can use extra ones from previous art project). Take the circles off the puncher’s hole and use that for confetti on your birthday card. Arranged it like that of falling circle confetti with your personal message. Don’t overdo it and just arrange in simple but appealing style.

This birthday greeting card’s design might take a bit of time to arrange and glue on your card. However, the result is worth your time and effort as it is simple but absolutely pretty. If your receiver is a crafty girl, she sure will love this design and appreciate the time you spend on making this.

  1. Glitter Birthday Card

Everyone appreciates a little bit of glitter. Well, maybe not everyone but if you are confident your receiver will not freak out over a little glitter, then this card idea is just great. Your colorful, glittery birthday card is probably more suited for kids but still, it works well for any age group. If you are going to a rather fabulous birthday party, this is an equally fabulous birthday card.

In making the card, start by writing “happy birthday” on another, more 3D paper-like foam sticker sheets. Some of these sheets already have glitters on them. Choosing those will make the job easier for you. But if yours don’t have glitters, you can get separate ones to add to your message. Proceed on designing how you want to add to all the fun.

Hand Lettered Birthday Card

Making a birthday card does not have to be tedious or costly. In as short as 15 minutes, you can create a simple but pretty greeting card at a cost-effective price. You do not need to buy more supplies if you already have art supplies at home. You only need minimal items like art paper and colored pens for this.

With a little artsy writing, you can add a personal touch to your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, or lover’s birthday card. To create this, you just need scissors, cardstock, and pens (colored will be great!). Cut the card and write your message in your favorite lettering or calligraphy style on the center of the card. You can add a bit more design and that’s it!

Geometric Design Birthday Card

This one is another easy to make a birthday card. With only art paper or construction paper plus your colored pens, you can already make a geometric-designed birthday card. Use black ink and colored pens to design your card with geometric shapes. Take advantage of a shot of your creativity and attention to detail to make an awesome design the card’s receiver will appreciate.

To make this card more fun, use rich colors and engaging patterns that please the eye. If you want, you can also use other coloring materials to make the card more appealing. For instance, you can use watercolor to fill in the simple shapes you made. You may feel a bit uncomfortable with watercolor but don’t be afraid to try something new.

Your family and friend are sure to appreciate your heartfelt feelings with a homemade birthday card. This is because a card is something you literally put effort to make. You dedicated your time to create a birthday card with your personal message. The great thing about this is it is easy to create homemade birthday cards just like the ideas in this article.

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