BBQ Food Ideas

BBQ Food Ideas – Best BBQ Recipes This Summer

BBQ Food Ideas

Winter has ended, spring has begun, and soon summer will arrive. Now is the perfect time to take out your barbecue grill and start grilling. BBQ food is the best way to start a wonderful summer with friends and family. If you don’t have an idea of what to serve with friends or family, keep on reading for some exciting bbq food ideas.

Some of the videos are cooked food in the kitchen so prepare to cook them before setting up your BBQ

What is Barbecue?

What is Barbecue?

Barbecue or BBQ for short is a method of cooking, a kind of meal and a name for a food or gathering at which this type of food is prepared and cooked. This type of cooking is done gradually over indirect, low heat and the food is flavored by smoking process.

BBQ refers to the way of cooking itself, the food prepared this way, the cooking machine/apparatus utilized which is the barbecue grill, or to a sort of social event that features this kind of cooking. Usually, barbecuing is done outdoor through smoking the food, usually meat over charcoal or wood.  Barbecues offered in the restaurant are cooked in large, using a specially-made metal or brick ovens. Barbecuing is practiced in various parts of the globe and there are many regional variations.

Barbecuing practices include roasting, smoking, baking, grilling and braising. The original method is cooking with the use of smoke at low heat and long cooking hours. Baking utilizes an oven with moderate heat for a normal cooking time of approximately an hour. Grilling is done over dry heat, normally over a low fire for a couple of minutes. Braising combines dry, indirect heat charbroiling on ribbed surfaces with a pot filled with broth for moist heat.

Why is BBQ Food Very Popular?

Barbecuing is an old tradition in America. Research from many studies has shown that more than 90% of families attend at least one BBQ party every year. Other studies show that more than 40% of the people that hold events or parties every single year do them with the BBQ being the core of entertainment. With such high amount of interest in BBQ parties, you might wonder a lot of people in America and perhaps all over the world love it so much.

What makes barbecuing is very popular is that the food that is cooked on a barbecue is something that cannot be created by any other kind of cooking. The taste and smell of the grilled meat will make even the pickiest food eater dig right in and enjoy the great BBQ food.

It is Cheap

This type of cooking isn’t expensive but very delicious. Somehow, BBQ foods just taste good once grilled on the barbecue. Like for instance, standard sausage, it will have a better taste when it is gained a smoky taste. Another good example is fruit, it becomes tastier once it is caramelized on the BBQ grill. What is more, the actual barbecue machine is available for a reasonable price. As a matter of fact, you can purchase kettle BBQ’s for as low as 50 dollars. You can also buy gas barbecue for only 65 dollars. Portable barbecues are also available and allow you to cook BBQ food anywhere you want.


Variety is the core of barbecue. There are lots of dishes, food options and flavors on offer. You can select from typical BBQ fodder like chicken wings, burgers, ribs, sausages, corn, and jacket potatoes to more creative foods like home-made kebabs, pizza, stuffed peppers, fresh fish, diverse snacks and dips, pasta salads and full English breakfast.

BBQ Food Is Easy to Prepare

BBQ food is easy to prepare. While there is an art to making certain bbq sauces and dishes, mastering the bbq is relatively easy and enjoyable. What is more, it is easier to cater to everyone’s tastes- whether they are vegetarians or meat eaters, on a diet or eating healthily, and prepare foods which please all guests.

BBQ Food Is Sociable

There is something about BBQ foods, which brings out social side, encouraging people to invite family and friends over for a small gathering. People, especially kids can get involved and prepare their own food, pizza or kebabs for instance, and take time enjoying the diverse coursed that is involved at a BBQ party.

People Enjoy Cooking with Fire

Food tastes good when cooked over a low heat.  Aside from being fun and delicious to eat, BBQ foods are easy to digest, this is why it is very popular all over the world.

BBQ Food Ideas You and Your Guests Will Surely Love

BBQ Food Ideas You and Your Guests Will Surely Love

BBQ food is not only popular during summer season. As a matter of you can enjoy it all through the year. If the hesitation of gaining fat from hot dogs and burgers is holding you back, you don’t have to worry because research shows that BBQ food is very healthy. In fact, BBQ food is healthier than food cooked in the skillet, on the stove. That is because the fat drips off the meat and does not reabsorb by the food.

If you choose smartly what you put on the bbq grill, you can really lose weight and at the same time eat healthier. Veggies even benefit from barbecuing through retaining more minerals and vitamins. The nature of this kind of cooking gets rid of the need for butter, oils, and extra condiments as the flavors are already improved. Below are some of the best BBQ food ideas that you can prepare for your friends and family. This can also be served during a big party.

BBQ Foods Ideas for People Following a Specific Diet


A kebab is the simplest way to get you into barbecuing on a daily basis. You have the choice to put whatever you want on a spear and come away with a delicious, satisfying and healthy food without too much effort. You can put tofu to make it more pleasing and attractive. The grill turns tofu into a speck of smoky goodness, getting the essence of the foods packed around it on kebabs.


In case you have not tried salmon bbq, then this is the best time to try it. To obtain a perfect grill, take the fillet and drape it in foil with the desired seasoning and ingredients. If you try to grill it straight on the grate, there is a chance of losing some of the fillets, although you oiled the surface beforehand. To make the fish tender, pack it into the foil. Thus, you will have a perfectly smoked salmon which will taste like those served in a high-end restaurant.

Grilled Asparagus

Barbecuing corn is relatively typical at most barbecues. Adding asparagus to your BBQ, helps you obtain perfect flavor and tenderness.  It just takes about three minutes and a small amount of pepper and salt to obtain that perfect flavor from barbecue asparagus.


You can cook dessert on the BBQ grill. In fact, dessert prepared on the BBQ grill is healthy. Something as simple as barbecuing some sliced fruit like kiwi, banana, apple etc to caramelize on the barbecue grill for a couple minutes can be wonderful. You do not need seasoning or additional ingredients to make the taste better, the sugar coming from the fruits are enough to please any sweet tooth.

BBQ Food Ideas for Big Parties

Sweet Cola Ribs

This bbq food when serving to your guests will surely blow them away. The indirect heat and smoke leave them with delectably tender ribs. The cola packs a blow of astonishing sweetness. The secret to making your sweet cola ribs healthy and delectable is to remove the fatty membrane before barbecuing. Glaze them too sweet perfection after grill time.

Tyler’s Pulled Pork Barbecue

If you are looking for a simple BBQ food recipe for your guests, then Tyler’s Pulled Pork Barbecue is the best choice. Season a pork roast with the sweet-spicy dry rub, grill over low fire until it is falling apart. Serve with a tasty vinegar bbq sauce.

Texas Brisket

All throughout Texas, you can find lots of barbecue joints, and amongst them, a diversity of cooking styles as well as regional favorites, however typical Texas Brisket reigns supreme. This bbq food calls for the meat to be glazed with mustard and a fiery rub. Smoked for nine hours, this result in flavorful beef brisket your guests will surely enjoy.

Griddled Vegetables and Feta with Tabbouleh

This is a remarkable BBQ food recipe perfect for any type of party. Grilling a whole block of feta is an interesting way to utilize it- you get a wicked texture contrast between the creamy, soft inside and the beautiful golden outside. The smoky tang adds a slight but amazing twist to this mouthwatering summery dish.

Salt and Pepper Tofu Skewer

This is one of the most sought after bbq food recipes because it is easy to prepare aside from being healthy. This is easy to prepare, all you need to do is to peel and thinly slice the shallots. Thinly cut the chilies and spring onion, peel and finely cut the garlic and the ginger. Heat some drizzles of oil in non-stick skillet. Put in thinly cut shallots, chili, garlic, onions and ginger. Cook for ten to fifteen minutes, until become soft.

To make a marinade, crush peppercorns with the sea salt flakes and coriander seeds. Put into the pan with the sugar and soy sauce. Reduce the heat until glossy, and then transfer to a baking tray. Slice the tofu into two pieces, thread onto four skewers. Put the tray with the marinade, spoon over to cover and put inside the fridge for one hour or more. When ready, bbq the skewer until crisp, basting with the rest of the marinade and don’t forget to turn it regularly.

If you are using skewers made of wood, ensure you soak them first in water for 30 minutes, so that they do not catch alight or avoid being burned.

BBQ Food Ideas for Diabetic People

Bbq food is a must when the weather becomes warm. Bring the best of your healthy bbq food recipes to parties and potlucks, or just whip them up for a special gathering with friends or family at home. From chicken bbq to pork bbq, all these bbq foods are friendly for people suffering from diabetic.

Wine-Braised Beef Brisket Recipe

The slow and low nature of barbecuing is what makes this type of cooking apart from the rest. To make the best out of this recipe, you have to use a slow cooker. Wine is said to be diabetic friendly. This recipe has low sugar and carb content but rich in protein.

BBQ Chicken Breasts

This is a barbecue recipe that your guests will enjoy munching on. To make it extremely delectable, spoon baked chicken and bbq sauce into small pepper halves rather than crackers to minimize carbohydrate.

BBQ Food Ideas for Kids Party

Are you looking for a party idea for your kid’s next birthday party? Why not consider a bbq party. A bbq party idea will surely make your little and his guests happy and glad. Below are some of the best BBQ food ideas for your kid’s party.

Salmom Skewer Tacos

Getting kids to eat seafood especially fish is not always easy. But this mouthwatering bbq food idea is sure to entice your kid’s meticulous taste. Wrap with gem lettuce, avocado slices, fresh salsa and coriander, this is a healthy treat for your kid’s guests.  Let your kid adjusts the spices according to their taste.

Fruit Skewer

Take the common kabob recipe to a higher level through skewering organic food. Blueberries, ice cold grapes, bananas and strawberries are simple but healthy options. Watermelon and pineapple are good additions, as well.  For a simple natural dip, combine vanilla yogurt with some honey. Your kids and his guests will surely enjoy this bbq food.

BBQ Pizza

Brush a tortilla with a cooking spray and have your kid and his guests make their own barbecue pizza. Shred chicken or pork, cheese, pepperoni and vegetables to enhance the taste. Barbecue for a couple of minutes wait for the toppings to melt.

Yummy Beef Rissoles

This mouthwatering rissole along with hidden vegetables will surely make your kid beef lovers. Served along with steamed veggies and crunchy potatoes, this will surely make your kid’s health.

Mini Turkey Meatloaf

This bbq food is cooked using healthy ingredients. You and your kids will enjoy dipping this into avocado yogurt sauce. This recipe is a good option to hotdog or chicken barbecue that is packed with unhealthy oil. So, the next time you throw a kid’s party; don’t forget to include this recipe.

Seafood BBQ Ideas for Any Type of Party

Seafood most especially fish is packed with healthy and essential nutrient. Below are healthy and fun BBQ food ideas for fish and seafood lovers out there. These are also perfect to serve in any type of party.

Salmon Burger

This salmon burger is a nutritious protein packed alternative for barbecue season. For fast and easy preparation with less mess, use a food processor to create the salmon patties. Salmon is rich in omega  3 fatty acid ideal for a healthy body. Omega acid also helps avoid various kinds of medical conditions like hypertension. So, don’t forget to include this recipe for your next party.

Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa

A lot of children out there love juicy and sweet mango, so why not incorporate mango salsa with the grilled fish. In case your kids are not used to the hot and spicy food, don’t include japaleno.

Grilled Fish Tostadas

This is fun to eat with hands. This is healthier, thanks to grilled tilapia and over-baked shell of tostadas. You have the choice to include chili powder or if you don’t want spicy food, you can substitute it with sugar for a sweet taste. Kids will surely love this recipe.

Hawaiian Shrimp Skewers

This bbq food idea is perfect to serve in any type of party. Pineapple is abundant in essential nutrients. Research shows that this fruit helps lower cholesterol. It is also good for the heart. Shrimp is considered to be one of the healthiest foods for its unique nutrient combination of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and selenium. Just make sure to remove the shells.

Vegetables: BBQ Food Ideas

BBQ foods often tend to focused on meat and seafood selections. However, don’t ignore that grilled vegetables taste so good as well. Here are some bbq food vegetable ideas you and your family will surely enjoy.

Baby Potato with Rosemary

Potato is a healthy dish to any bbq food. This grilled potato is a bit charred and crispy on the outside but creamy and soft on the inside. This is a healthy treat for kid’s party, and for those who are following a diet.

Corn with Herb Butter BBQ

Corn on the comb is delicious and a lot of kids and adults alike love its sweet taste. To enhance the flavor, put in salt and herb butter. This a good bbq food recipe the entire family will surely enjoy.

5 Health Benefits of BBQ Foods

There are many benefits to preparing your food over the low, natural fire than in the oven or stove.  Here are some of the amazing benefits you can get from grilling or barbecuing.

Consume Less Fat

Bbq food has less fat as the excess drips off the grates. Think about cooking burgers on the grill compared to a pan on stove top. When you cook a burger on the grill, fat cooks off while on the stove top, fat pools and reabsorbed by the patty.


A lot of people do not realize that veggies retain their mineral and vitamins once they are cooked over low, natural heat. This is true with vegetables which have low water content.

What is more, veggies that you put on the bbq grill normally in season and fresh, which are healthier than canned versions. Simply placing veggies on top of bbq grill or wrapping them in foil is nutritionally beneficial than frying or boiling. As mentioned above, cooking this retains the essential vitamins and mineral that your body needed.

Retained Nutrients

If you put a slice of meat over bbq grill, it really conserves more thiamine and riboflavin. These essential nutrients play an essential role in healthy diet and have lots of medical benefits as well.

Minimize the Use of Butter

If you are a master in barbecuing, and not overcooking the food, you will have juicy slices of meat as well as nutritious and tasty vegetables. Due to the fact that bbq grill locks in lots of moisture, you will be fewer tendencies to use butter or other types of condiments to spice up the food. This means you will consume fewer calories and at the same time keep your body away from conditions caused by too much consumption of butter.

Barbecue is a Perfect Family Bonding

Barbecuing gets everyone outdoors. Daddies toss around a Frisbee with their little one while mommies busy grilling dinner. Barbecuing and eating with the whole family outdoors indeed encourage further activity. This is a perfect way to bond with your kids. This helps to deepen the connection with each other.


BBQs are great for bringing people together in the relaxed and socially easy atmosphere. The combination of BBQ foods and a beautiful sunny day has long been common scenes in parks, backyards, pools, and beaches. But the impact of bbq food can be much greater than a simple gathering. This is great for building connections, building work relationships, celebrating and bringing strangers together. BBQ food ideas listed above will surely make your event or party memorable and full of fun.

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