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Adult Party Entertainment

As we grow old, all our muscles start losing their strength and bones become weaker. But studies show that it is important for adults to exercise and keep themselves healthy and fit. As exercising provides flexibility to joints, strengthens muscles and improves blood circulations, here is a list of the types of live indoor entertainment for adults.

Board Games

Dice or card games can be a great fun for adults. There are plenty of reasonably priced games to choose from nowadays, but it is best to go for ones which are short in duration and have sturdy components that will last. Most suitable for this age group are games which test memory, matching and sorting skills, reactions skills and physical or mental skills. Also don’t forget simple jigsaw puzzles.

Top 10 branded games all ages will enjoy

Adult Karaoke or a Band 

Adult Karaoke or a Band - Adult Party Entertainment

This is considered as one of the best live indoor entertainment for adults. Adults who love to sing will surely love this indoor entertainment activity. They can also invite a band that will perform during the event. This will add enjoyment and excitement to all your guests.

Comedy Show

Comedy Show - Adult Party Entertainment

It is true that many people love to watch a comedy show. This is one of the reasons why this is considered as one of the most exciting live indoor entertainment for adults. You can invite comedians who will perform during the party of event. This would definitely love all your guests.


Cakes or biscuits are a good starter and there is no end of online recipes and cookery books to show you how to make them. Alternatively, most supermarkets sell a range of ready-made packet mixes which are very easy and quick to prepare. The chances are that they may not look the most edible or attractive of creations once you have given a helping hand, but you will still have fun eating them.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Island - Adult Party Entertainment

This is a fun live indoor entertainment for adults. Hide some items in different places. Draw up maps with “X marks the Spot”. Be sure to keep the directions easy and simple to follow.

Indoor Golf 

Indoor Golf - Adult Party Entertainment

Get adults to run through the house and create their own golf course. Use kitchen utensils, bathroom stuff, toys or anything else at hand to create the routes and holes.

20 Questions

20 Questions - Word Play - Adult Party Entertainment

Everyone writes down a secret word. The word must be a name of an object. The others ask 20 questions and try to guess the word. This is actually heaps and heaps of fun for adults.

Word Play

Word Play - Adult Party Entertainment

This one is really good for adults. The participants for this indoor game need to start with one word and then the next person has to come up with a word starting with the sound that the first word ended in.

When it comes to adult party entertainment, the live indoor entertainment for adults that are stated above are the best examples of indoor entertainment activities and games. Try these at home and rest assured that all your guests will have so much fun.


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