Adult Birthday Party Locations – Cheap and Cool Ideas

Adult Birthday Party Locations

It’s a common idea that when you reach a certain age, it is not cool anymore to have a birthday party. But is that really it? Is it really not fun or a big deal when you reach your 30th or 40th birthday?

Most of you probably think that. However, all it takes is just one cool adult birthday party and you can take back your party spirit you’ve forgotten.  With the busy lives you lead, it is so easy to think of birthdays as nothing really exciting that the last day.

However, it does not have to be that way.  You can make your special day extra special by celebrating it with your family, friends, and loved ones somewhere new. You can go to a place you have never gone before to enjoy good food and just hang out with people close to you.

Your Friend’s Apartment/Flat

Before deciding to throw a birthday party at your friend’s apartment or flat, know that you have to take responsibility for it. Whether the party is for yourself or a friend, you are using another person’s house to host a party.

If you don’t want to get into the bad side of your friend, be sure that you handle it well. Focus on getting all the things done like the music, booze, and food. But at the same time, make sure nothing gets broken or anything while you have people over.

A Boat/Yacht

Boat parties are great but if you don’t have a boat, you have a little bit of problem. Don’t worry though. This is not something that doesn’t have a solution. You can always rent a boat at the local dock. Surely, one of the owners there would be willing to rent a boat to you.

If not at the local, maybe a friend of yours or a friend of a friend has a yacht they can spare. However, just like with having a party at someone’s house, you need to take a bit of responsibility if you have your party on someone else’s boat.

A School Gym

If you are looking for a spacious venue for your birthday party or your friend’s birthday party, a school gym is good enough. This is not only a great venue for space, you can also relieve some of your teen nights back in middle school and high school by booking your party at a local gym.

You can host a DJ and party till 4, not like the 10 pm supervised party back when at school. There are no longer juices but endless booze and all kinds of foods. If your town has a local school gym you can rent, don’t waste this opportunity to host the most epic birthday party ever.

Your Neighbor/Friend’s Pool

 Your Neighbor/Friend’s Pool

Pool parties are absolutely awesome but what if you don’t have a pool? Maybe your friend or neighbor has a pool? You can’t have your party at a public pool, that’s definitely not something you can easily make happen.

On the other hand, a pool party at some country club might not be at your budget either. If you knew of a friend or a neighbor with a pool, then that’s your best option to have your pool party. Go ask if you can rent it for a day or even just a night so you can save a bit on your party plans.

A Farmland

Farms in the middle of nowhere are the perfect place to throw a party. These locations are in open space with plenty of areas you can set up a stage for your party. If there’s a barn somewhere out there, that’s a great bonus for the drunks to have somewhere to sleep.

Whether the party is day or night, farmlands let you get away with just about everything. You can have the tallest bonfire you ever have and you have nothing to worry about. Whatever is your idea of a party, a farm is just a great place to have it.

A School Bus or Any Bus

A party bus taken to a show isn’t something new. However, throwing a party on a school bus might be something new. If you like new and unique birthday party ideas, why don’t you have your party at your local school bus or just about any bus you can find.

A party bus offers you mobility so you can take your party to anywhere you like. This way, you can actually rave on and/or off the bus. You can dance and have fun together with your guests on the bus. You can also hop between places for the ultimate party experience.

 A Camping Site

A Camping Site

The time to spend partying to celebrate is just as important as the time to unwind and relax. In that case, a party at a camping site could just be perfect for you. You can do both partying and get close to nature.

There are many festivals that happen in the mountainous regions, which you can be part of. You can celebrate your birthday together with their music in seclusion. By bringing your party to a camping site, you can have an uninterrupted celebration to enjoy.

Your Frat House

Your fraternity will be gone for a while and you are not. Your birthday is also coming up and you are looking for a place to have it a drinking binge. If that’s the case, your frat house could just be the place you are looking for.

You can also to hold down the fort while at the same time throw a massive party to celebrate your birthday. You can invite your friend and the local sorority for good times. Of course, you have to make sure everything is back to normal when your fraternity gets back.

A Rooftop

A rooftop party in a restaurant or a bar is super fun. It’s not just fun because of the food, drinks, and the place’s ambiance. The best of all is the view from the top, especially if you chose a great spot. It will sure make your birthday party extra memorable and special.

Standing at the top of how many floors of a building is something many people want to experience. There is just an awesome feeling you get from standing at the top like everything is yours for the taking. Having your birthday party at a rooftop building will give you ten times more of that feeling.

A Valley Riverside

Like a party in a camping site or a farm, bringing your rave near a valley also gets you closer to nature. Most of the time, your plan is probably to have your party at a hotel, an event venue, or your home, right? You probably had never experienced how fun a party at a valley riverside is.

Now is the time to try to do that. You can bring your closest friends and take a camping trip near a river close to a valley and nature. It is guaranteed to be one of the best birthday experiences you will ever have.

A Beachside Villa

If a pool party is not your style, maybe a beachside party? You can have all the fun by the side of the beach or you can have them at a rented beachside villa. If you love dancing and music, this is definitely the best party venue for you.

It does not have to be a very big villa. You can just rent a place big enough or good enough for all your guests to have a good time. Choose a place where they can enjoy the night playing games, dancing, and just partying while also staying near the beach.

Besides these places, there are plenty of other venues to celebrate your birthday. For instance, you can celebrate together with orphaned kids by having your party at an orphanage. Of course, you can have it a local hotel or just at your house, of course.

All you need is a little bit of creativity to make it look better than your past birthdays. More than the birthday location, however, the most important thing is to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones. It’s the people who are with you that truly make this day extra special.

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