Adult Birthday Cake Ideas – Impressive Cakes To Bake

Adult Birthday Cake Ideas

Do you want to give your loved one who is an adult an impressive and meaningful cake on his or her birthday? Well, there is no need to worry anymore because you can always be creative as you are. You can give him the most perfect and the best cake that he or she deserved to have.

An adult birthday cake is mainly different from a kid birthday cake. This is the main reason why it can be a bit challenging to determine the best cake for your loved one. As far as adult cakes are concerned, the first thing you need to consider is the taste of your loved one. Try to figure out what he or she likes before giving a cake.

For those who could not decide about the right cake to give an adult during his or her birthday, here is the list of some of the adult birthday cake ideas you may choose from:

Treasure Map Cake

If the birthday celebrant is adventurous, why not give him a treasure map cake? This is an exciting birthday cake idea for adults that will ignite his or her imagination on his or her birthday. This will also increase his or her belief of becoming a traveler despite his or her age.

Happy Birthday Balloon Cake

This is an amazing adult birthday party cake idea for adults. This cake highlights the greeting “Happy Birthday” on the top of the cake. Also, add the age or the name of the birthday celebrant on the written cake greetings.

Rainbow Cakes for Adults

If you want to paint colors in the birthday celebrant, why not give him or her a special rainbow cake? This rainbow cake will usually have different types of colors. This is an essential and exciting idea if you really want to put emphasis on how colorful is the life of the celebrant at his or her age today.

Birthday Present Cake

If you want your cake to look like it is a wrap gift, you may choose to have birthday present cake. This is a cake the looks similar to a gift but is very exciting and very special to look at. Your loved one will be impressed and happy seeing this cake as it is a form of gift.

Musical Cake

Are you familiar with the song that your loved one loved to hear? If your adult love one is really fond of music, spend some time of giving them a musical cake. It is an adult birthday cake whereas several notes and lyrics of songs can be found. This is an ideal cake for adults who are really fond of different music genres. When you choose for any of the five mentioned adult birthday cake ideas, you’re assured that you can make an adult’s birthday celebration extra special and memorable. So, choose any of the above-mentioned cake ideas today for the most fun, excitement and happiness

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  1. That present cake has a whole lot of fondant. All the cakes are great. My wife use to make them for people in the nursing home. She never made the same cake twice. The ideas are endless

  2. So glad I found your site. I always wanted to know how to smooth the icing. These ideas are great and I’m going to use them soon. Great videos, thanks… Smiles. jc

  3. I think this is a great idea. A birthday cake for adult, you also give tutorial how to make it. Nice Info. Maybe I should try. I think not for only birthday right? We can give on any other circumstances. Just For the surprise maybe. LOL

    • Hi Henryan. You could have a cake for any occasion but I picked birthday because a cake is primarily related to that. you have it all here now so no excuses lol

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