My Name is Michael and I want Thank you for visiting ”everything to party” The sole purpose of this site is to help people like YOU who are lost and have no idea on what to do on upcoming holidays or main events? This site will cover everything and help you deliver on planning that perfect celebration!

So what I am going to do for a month or two before a holiday or the main event there will be articles written. For instance, Mother’s day is coming up in May in the US. so everything on Mother’s day will be highlighted leading up to that day. similar to Father’s day. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Christmas and so on, I will highlight birthdays. Bachelorette or Batchelor party and any kind of occasion imaginable. I also be working on outside activities, pretty much everything covered on this site:…

I  will offer YOU ideas and inspiration in creating party games, products and services to get the party going.

What has indoor Everything To Party got to offer

Are you lost or stuck on ideas and you don.t know what to do in planning that special party or celebration. Well, this site has you covered.

We cover everything in the following

  • Party Supplies (Party Hats, Party Tableware, Balloons, Banners, Streamers & Confetti, Party Favors)
  • DJ and Karaoke
  • Toys & Games
  • Food and Drink
  • And Much More

 About Me


My name is Michael and I’m 46 years of age, That,s me on the photo to the right. I’m currently living In Ireland but I,m always curious what makes enjoy life to the fullest? I for one love going out and having a good time and what to share my experience to give to you.

There are times in the past not knowing what to give to a loved one on any occasion, how to plan a party, how to go about inviting people, What birthday cake can I get them, where to bring them on that special day and so on. but now I found solutions to problems and this is why I created this site.

In the meantime. Check out How To Plan A Party

Which will cover

How to Plan a Party

  • Invitation Lists
  • Come Up With The Best Theme For The Party
  • Party Decorations
  • Work With Your Budget

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I hope you can share your experience and help other people and hope to hear from you soon.













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