21st Birthday Ideas – How to Plan The beginning Of A Milestone Birthday

21st Birthday Ideas

There is seems to be with the number “21” for many people. Many regard it as the product of 3 x 7. However, when it comes to turning 21, it is held regards as the onset of adulthood. It is the age when you can buy things like liquor and can, therefore, drink legally.

If you are about to reach the age very soon, you need to be aware of the 21st birthday ideas to help you make the most of your special day. There are plenty of ways to make your 21st birthday an extraordinary one! You don’t need to settle for a house party or go out for a bar hopping to make your day the best day of your life. Choose from the wide selection of birthday ideas and have fun on your birthday.

You can host a bonfire, hit the road with your friends or take a bartending class to learn more about cocktails. Whatever you choose, dodge waiting until the last minute to decide on the perfect idea and make sure that you are excited about your plans. Below are a bunch of 21st birthday ideas that are guaranteed to expand your birthday options.

Birthday Road Trip

Birthday Road Trip

Since you are 21, you can finally rent a car! Hit the road with your friends and take a road trip. You can also prepare a playlist, grab your favorite sunglasses and load up with snacks for a breezy joy ride. If you are planning a birthday road trip, you can also try heading to some beautiful spots in your place. Enjoy your 21st birthday as you go on with your first road trip as an adult!

House Party

A collected and cool night at home with some of your friends can be great fun. Gather everyone around for some party games, or simply listen to music. Talk about your good old days when you are still naïve and young. A good 21st birthday is inevitable when you are spending it with friends who are not minding if you are dancing to the songs of Lady Gaga on the kitchen table.

To liven up your house, you can throw up some fun decorations such as booze inspired jello shots and cupcakes. Savor the moment of the first time you step into the liquor store to buy the goods. Research some party cocktail and party punch recipes, this will give you a better idea of the taste that you exactly want.

All-Out Bar Crawl

Ideally, your city or town has a block full of bars and clubs that allow you to walk to your destinations with ease. Pick the bunch of bars that depends on your taste and the kind of atmosphere you are looking for a bar. Some may be more upbeat, and some are more laid back but if you want to start somewhere calm, then choose that club then work your way up to the crazier spots the next time. You can ask your older pals about the clubs they prefer.

Celebrating your birthday with your friends on a bar is a great way to have fun. Most bars have their specialty shots or cocktails – you should try it! Dipping your toe into bars will allow you to figure out which spots you desire and want to return to.

Birthday Getaways

The best way to celebrate your birthday is to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation. Travel is very flexible, considering that is planned for time. You can also plan your 21st birthday trip with your family and friends, all while savoring the day you blessed the world with your existence. There are plenty of choices for your birthday travel for all times of the year across the world. Whatever your limitations or budget may be, there will always be a perfect vacation for your 21st birthday.



As you step onto the age of 21, you will have the sense of independence. You might also want to explore a new life, new world after 20. Skydiving is the unique and terrific activity to do during your 21st birthday. Unlike other birthday ideas, it is very risky, but with extra care and proper orientation will surely avoid accidents. You can also contact the Country’s Parachute Association to make sure that everything is set for your birthday skydiving.

As you float up in the air, you will get to see scenic spots and spectacular spots that will encourage you to be thankful for your life. After soaring up in the air like an eagle, you will land down as a different person, with a sense of decision and stronger. You will also gain lessons while you are up there and apply it to your life at the age of 21.

Celebrating with Charity

Instead of going out and letting your friends treat you, ask them to donate the money they would have spent for you to a charity of your choice. Giving money to charity is a great alternative to honor your 21st birthday if you don’t plan on spending a lot. You can also ask your friends to contribute $21 to tie in your birthday celebration with a cause. If not money, you can also ask a favor from your friends to get a small gift from the company that gives back to the charity with each purchase.

Here are other birthday ideas you should try:

Birthday Brunch

Birthday Brunch

Head to brunch and order mimosas! Days before your 21st birthday, start finding the best spot in town and reserve a patio or table for a daytime celebration together with your family and friends. To spread the cheer, send some champagne-inspired cocktail party invitations.

Spa Day

Do you want to skip the chaos and get some relaxation? On your 21st birthday, have a fun day trip to the spa! Faces masks, massages, mimosas and mani-pedis are fun birthday ideas for your 21st birthday! Head to the spa on your birthday for a stress-free 21st birthday celebration.

Wine Tasting Party

Another unique birthday idea is a wine tasting party. Learn everything you want about wine through hosting a wine tasting party with your friends. If you are stress, this party idea can help you reduce all the stresses of life.

Hotel Retreat

Celebrating your 21st birthday can also be fun by going on an overnight trip with your friends. Spend the rest of the weekend at the hotel that you have never stayed before with few of your closest friends. Hit the pool, indulge in a massage service, order room service and have fun!

Birthday Bonfire

If you are fond of going to the beach and you can’t stay away from it, then this party is for you. Gather your family and other friends for a night bonfire and start telling stories at a local beach. Also, bring plenty of pillows, blankets and end the night off with sparklers.

When planning for your 21st birthday party, the wide selection of birthday ideas seem too overwhelming, but the list above are great options! No matter what you opt to do on your special day, remember to be smart and don’t forget to smile. Celebrating your birthday is more exciting when you choose to celebrate it with your family and friends. Enjoy your 21st birthday!

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